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Oasis Aircon

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    75A Killiney Road #02-06, Singapore 239529

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    +65 6750 4490
  • Opening hours

    Daily 8am-10pm

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Oasis Aircon, a subsidiary of the reputable Luce Maintenance Group, is a renowned aircon service company in Singapore. Oasis Aircon offers quality and affordable aircon services to residential, and commercial and government organizations.


  • Trustworthy air conditioning company with a large clientele: Delivering outstanding and reliable services, Oasis Aircon is currently servicing over 400 clients in Singapore. This large customer base reflects on their quality as a recognized aircon service provider, which is why they gained clients such as LG, Aston Martin, Boeing and more.
  • 30-Day workmanship warranty: Always aiming to deliver the highest standard of customer service, Oasis Aircon provides a 30-day warranty on all servicing, so you can have a piece of mind. The company is committed to excellence with every project; it will not leave until the job is done right.
  • Experienced aircon technicians: As experts in the field, Oasis Aircon only hires the highest-quality technicians to diagnose and repair aircons, that have at least 10 years’ experience under their belt.


  • General Servicing: This includes everything from cleaning and servicing the air filter, to disinfecting the water tray and checking the fan covers. Servicing rate for the first fancoil is $35, and $15 for every subsequent fancoil.
  • Chemical Wash: Servicing includes vacuuming the interior filters, chemically disinfecting air filters, checking for discharge temperature and pressure. One fancoil chemical wash costs $80, two fancoils costs $150, three fancoils costs $210, and four fancoils costs $260.
  • Chemical Overhaul: Work scope includes chemical disinfection of filters, chemically brush all interior parts, chemically flush drainage system and piping, and vacuuming to clear blockage. Servicing rate is $140 for one fancoil, $270 for two fancoils, $380 for three fancoils, and $480 for four fancoils.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Aircon and Unit Repair: This includes fixing water leakage, electric issues, drainage system, and installing spare parts.


  • Toshiba
  • Daikin
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • Sanyo
  • Sharp
  • Haier
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