Orchid Perfumes from Singapore Memories

Orchid Perfumes from Singapore Memories
Orchid Perfumes from Singapore Memories
Image: Singapore Memories

As the orchid is the national flower of Singapore, it would make sense to purchase an orchid-infused perfume as a souvenir for your loved ones!

By carefully crafting exquisite aromas using a blend of native orchid varieties, Singapore Memories perfectly captures the scent of Singapore in elegant bottles. Featuring male, female, and unisex fragrances, their beautiful collection with captivating names like Aranda 1965, One Degree North, Orchids By The Bay, The Orient, and Vanda 1981 promises to please anyone with the right scent that suits their personal taste.

They say smell can trigger the strongest memories. Keep your memory of Singapore alive with one of these perfumes, and share it with your family and friends.

PRICE RANGE: $28 – $168, depending on size.


  • Isetan – 350 Orchard Road, Singapore 238868
  • Megafash flagship store – Tower 2 #01-488/490 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
  • Marina Bay Cruise Center – 61 Marina Coastal Drive, S018947
  • Naiise – Several Locations
  • Sentosa Fun Shops – (Few Locations)
  • Singapore Visitor Center- 216 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway@Emerald, S238898
  • Singapore Memories website

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