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  • Piing Image: Piing
  • Prices
    • Wash and fold per kg: $4.50 (minimum 5kgs)
    • Wash & iron: From $3.95 per item
    • Dry clean: $5.50 per item
  • Website

Piing is perhaps one of the fastest laundry services that you can rely on! With a pickup in just 60 minutes, and delivery of cotton-fresh crisp laundry within 24 hours, Piing is an app that will make your life that much easier.

What people like

  • Free pickup and delivery: Whether it is a small T-shirt, or heaps of dirty laundry, Piing will collect and deliver your laundry completely free of charge!
  • Scheduled and on-demand pickup: Simply make your order for now or later, and the closest Piingo will pick up your laundry shortly!
  • Late-night service: Piing are open for all your laundry needs from 1pm until 11pm.
  • Live updates: Track your laundry from the moment it leaves your house! From the app, you can stay informed every step of the way with detailed real time information.
  • Rewarding referral program: Invite your unique piing code to your friends and family to avail of a $15 credit reward! The more people sign up with your code, the more credit for you (and them). Yay, free laundry!


  • Dry cleaning
  • Wash
  • Iron

PRICES (view full price list here)

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