Rightmen Security Services

Rightmen Security Services
Rightmen Security Services
Image: Rightmen Security Services
  • Establishment
    Over 10 years
  • Address
    10 Anson Road #34-02 International Plaza Singapore 079903
  • Phone
    +65 6429 0255
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  • Founded in 2011, Rightmen Security Services is one of the leading security companies in Singapore. They always strive to perform regular training sessions, reviews, and courses to ensure their security personnel is top standard.


    • A well-known security firm in Singapore: Rightmen Security Services has worked with many large organizations including Philips, Holiday Inn, Hitachi, JLL, and more. This company is well-loved for their professional approach, reliability, and skillful security arrangements.
    • Accredited by security associations: Recognized by SAS, the Security Association Singapore, SPF Singapore Police Force, and BizSafe, Rightmen Security Services is the right man for any security job.
    • Security staff is well trained as the company conducts training courses and quality tests frequently.


    • Security Consultancy Services: Whatever the threat, Rightmen implements organized action plans to reduce the risk of unwanted events and loss of profitability.
    • Security Technology: Using high-tech safety equipment, Rightmen is always one step ahead in order to minimize risk and improve efficiency.
    • Provision of Security Personnel: Including Chief Security Officer, Senior / Security Supervisors, Senior / Security Officers, and Event Security Officers.

    SACE ASSESSMENT (By Singapore Police Force):

    • 2022/23: Pass

    SAGE GRADING EXERCISE (By Singapore Police Force):

    • 2021: A
    • 2020: A
    • 2019: A
    • 2018: A
    • 2017: A
    • 2016: A
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