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  • Established since 1998, Rikvin has registered thousands of businesses in Singapore. They help foreign and local companies with fast and easy registration processes.

    Registering your business as a local is effortless. Simply pick one of the packages Rikvin offers such as Singapore Residents or Singapore Shelf Companies. All packages from Rikvin are affordable so they’re suitable for start-up companies on a budget.


    • Affordable packages: There are affordable packages for offshore companies to select from, such as Foreign Individuals, Foreign Companies or Offshore Company Corporation.
    • Over 22 years of experience: Rikvin has many years of experience in the industry to ensure they meet their clients’ requirements. Your company will be registered according to Singapore’s laws.
    • Ideal for offshore businesses: If you have a company overseas you can register your company in Singapore through Rikvin and do business in the country remotely. Or you can set up your business in Singapore with the help of a professional team from Rikvin.


    • For Singapore residents: Rikvin offers private limited company incorporation and limited liability partnerships. You can also get your company registered as a sole proprietor. You’ll get a name check, preparation of registration forms an E-certificate and a company common seal.
    • Foreign companies or individuals: This registration company will give foreigners a company registration, employment pass and entrepreneur pass. Package includes name check, professional e-filling, E-certificate of incorporation, corporate seal and resolution to open a bank account.


    • For company registration – $650 annual fee and $950 annual fee for 1-year secretary services
    • Employment pass application – $1750 once off fee
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