VIVACE Painting Services

VIVACE Painting Services
VIVACE Painting Services
Image: VIVACE Painting Services

VIVACE Painting Services is a professional painting service provider in Singapore made up of 10 highly experienced Singaporean painters who are experts in providing fast, quality painting service. And they pride themselves on offering superior products at low price.

What people like

  • Fantastic pricing: Though quotes can vary somewhat, VIVACE offers incredible prices, even compared to other low-cost painting providers in the area. They’re a great choice for bargain-hunters.
  • Free quotes: Call them for a quote – they’ll show up at your door for a comprehensive survey of your home and provide you with a free quote, no obligation.

Job Scope & Pricing: VIVACE specializes in interior painting services for condos and HDB housing, but also offers landed property services at a custom cost, quoted upon viewing of the property. Here is a list of their services and prices.

  • 3 Room HDB flat: $599-$899
  • 4 Room HDB flat: $699-$999
  • 5 Room HDB flat: $799-$1199
  • HDB executive apartment: $899-$1299
  • HDB maisonette apartment: $999-$1499
  • Condo below 1000 sq ft: $799-1199
  • Condo – 1200-1500 sq ft: $999-$1399
  • Condo – 1500-1800 sq ft: $1199 -$1599
  • Condo – 1800+ sq ft: $1119-$1599+
  • Landed property: priced after free quote

Address: 36B Hong Kong Street, Holly Building, Singapore 059675

Telephone: 65 9127 3568


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