EveryBody Dance Now (Accessible Sessions)

Art & Culture
Dance Show

An extension of the moonlit workshops of EveryBody Dance Now, this indoor session at Esplanade Concourse invites everyone and every body to take part and experience dance.

Celebrate with Spanish Dance Singapore and their passionate Flamenco moves. Vibe along with the dancers from Down Syndrome Association, accompanied by their instructor from Danz People, who will show you their moves to their favourite K-pop song. Allow yourself to be creative in the way you move your body and see how dance can be a tool for empowerment and self-expression. A dance floor for all, to experience the joy of movement at EveryBody Dance Now.

5.30pm:  Flamenco by Spanish Dance Singapore

6.30pm:  K-pop by Danz People and Down Syndrome Association

This programme is presented as part of da:ns focus – EveryBody, a weekend of dance with inclusivity, diversity and participation, where we encourage everybody and every body to experience dance.

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