How Singapore Startups Are Making Android Apps AI Ready with Google’s ML Kit

Android App AI Singapore
Android App AI Singapore

Android, as an operating system, surfaced back in 2008, and you will see that it has become quite an important driving force for the development of mobile apps. Since then, the number of mobile phones who use this operating system has skyrocketed, and it has become quite a competitor to the predominant iOS operating system.

For those who don’t know, Android is an operating system that integrates machine learning and has been using it for improving various features of mobile devices. There are a lot of features that depend on this technology, like real-time video interaction, on-device speech, and many others. Integrating all of these into the app is challenging and requires a lot of work.

So, you can see that this is quite an important way for companies who work on building android apps to use Google’s ML kit to enhance the abilities of their apps. Today, we want to shine a light on Singaporean startups and how they can make their apps AI-ready by using Google’s ML Kit.

Quick Decisions

You will see that many real-time situations will require apps to optimise with a significant change. Since this is the case, then nobody should be surprised by the fact that modern apps should have the ability to make quick decisions, and provide users with a chance to use them without any sort of challenges in between.

The best example we can remember of the importance of quick decisions is using Google Maps. Think about it, going through all the destinations you are interested in, you will need to go back to the original one to get proper navigation. Of course, it needs to be as smooth as possible for the user to feel comfortable using the app.

These days, users are not that patient, and they tend to stop using an app whenever they feel something is not right with the app they are using. Therefore, startups need to think about these issues before it happens. The easiest way to do that is to use machine learning to make their apps as AI-ready as possible.


Using Google’s ML Kit helps with making the app more personalised for the users. Think about it, the users will have a chance to feel much more invested in using a certain app if it makes their presence appreciated. For instance, every user should be able to use the app and get recommendations based on their behaviour.

Using AI in this regard makes it much more convenient for users to not waste their time. Since they will get a recommendation based on their behaviour, they will not need to search manually for everything that seems interesting to them. The app itself will provide them with all the answers to the questions they might have.

With the addition of AI, using an app becomes much more interesting and engagement levels jump through the roof. As a result of that, we can see that it just becomes way more interesting for people to stay loyal to the app. Not to mention that the startup will reap the benefits of being used more which results in higher income.

Improved Security

One of the most important benefits your app can reap as a result of including machine learning is improved security. AI and machine learning together will provide more than enough help in terms of security than any other things out there. For instance, the users will be able to use biometric data.

By doing so, they will make sure that no one will be able to access it besides the users that are allowed to use the app. When you take a look at some reports on this topic, you will see that data protected by biometrics is much safer than those protected solely by passwords, no matter how hard these passwords are.

You will need to be on the outlook on this as a developer. Of course, it is quite complex to make a proper security system for your app. Otherwise, your users will not be protected from a wide array of different issues. They will not feel comfortable enough to leave their data on your app, which is one of the biggest problems you can experience as a developer.

Reduces Development Costs

Last but not least, we want to point out that the combination of AI and machine learning can significantly reduce development costs. Of course, the costs themselves will depend solely on the scope of the project, but it is important to say that it is possible to knock the costs down in the future.

Not only that they will help with reducing the costs, but the reduction of time invested into the project as well. On average, you will see that professionals who work without the assistance of AI will need to invest almost double more working hours into the project. Therefore, it ends in much higher costs down the road.

According to some studies, a basic Al app requires up to three months to be developed. But when you are looking towards an app that requires much more features you need to work on, then you will see that the time range will be significantly higher. So, you can see that AI can come in handy in these moments, which is a good way to knock down the waste of resources.


Using AI along with machine learning is one of the cornerstones for the future development of apps. We can see that it has made significant improvements to the market, and with the further improvement of AI, it is quite reasonable that it will become even more progressive. So, you will need to think carefully about how to implement these things to work as best as possible.

Singapore startups are among the most advanced ones in the world when it comes to the implementation of modern technologies. So, nobody should be surprised that they can reap all the benefits of using Google’s ML kit to reach all the goals.

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