5 Best Hair Replacement & Hair Transplant Salons in Singapore

Best Hair Replacement in Singapore
Best Hair Replacement in Singapore
Image: Rehair Lab

Hair thinning and permanent hair loss are among the most common problems faced by men and women. There might be multiple reasons behind hair shedding, i.e. ageing, genetics, stress and side effects of the medicines. Nevertheless, seeing the head of your glory going is always a painful experience.

Fortunately, modern technologies and medical science has developed several successful techniques to replace your hair. The treatment options may include medicines to let your hair regrow, and in severe cases, the hair follicles can also be grafted by getting the same from any donor area of the body.

Although hair replacement techniques have a successful track record, the process is complex and requires a high level of expertise. Our team has compiled a list of the 5 best hair replacement & hair transplant salons in Singapore [updated 2022], considering all the matters. Let’s check it out!

1. Rehair Lab

Rehair Lab Image: Rehair Lab
  • Best for
    Hair replacement solution
  • Address
    140 Paya Lebar Road #08-20, AZ @ Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015
  • Phone
    +65 6993 0088 | +65 9229 0088
  • Website
  • Email
  • If your hair loss has also diminished your confidence, Rehair Lab is one of the best places to get a renewed look without a surgical procedure. The hair replacement specialists at Rehair Lab consider each client with their unique facial features and requirements to design the hair system or toupee. Don't worry about the cost, as they are among Singapore's most affordable hair replacement salons.


    • Have expert hair replacement specialists: Even in the non-surgical procedure, the expertise of the professionals would matter a lot. Specifically, in designing a hair solution, the styling needs and overall look of the person is to be considered to provide a natural look. With experts at Rehair Lab, you can stay confident and trust them for all their selections.
    • Offers painless, non-surgical hair replacement solution: Although surgical and invasive procedures are permanent solutions, you might not prefer these because of discomfort and the high cost carried by them. At Rehair Lab, the team is best known for being non-surgical to give you a completely natural look at a fraction of cost.
    • Have a high-quality hair replacement system: When going for a non-invasive or non-surgical solution, hair quality is the prime thing to consider. Rehair Lab is renowned for selecting only natural human hair to develop the hair replacement system following the individual styling needs of their client.
    • Offers free consultation: If you are still confused about selecting the proper treatment for your hair loss problem, the experts at Rehair Lab can be accessed on a single tap. You can get in touch with them using WhatsApp or phone to get a price quote.


    • Non-surgical hair replacement solution
    • Eyebrow embroidery services

    2. Follicle Singapore

    Follicle Singapore Image: Follicle Singapore
  • Best for
    Operates during Sundays and public holidays
  • Address
    Paragon 290 Orchard Road, #06-22/23/24, Singapore 238859
  • Phone
    +65 6235 8088
  • Website
  • Email
  • If hair thinning concerns you, Follicle Singapore is among the top hair salons in Singapore with their expertise in medical solutions. They have years of experience, and their experts have developed their hair regrowth technologies with the finest ingredients. You can also select them for your hair styling needs at an affordable cost.


    • Have multiple hair regrowth treatments: Sometimes, surgical or non-surgical hair transplants might not be the options you are looking for. Thinning hair can be stopped with scalp treatments offered at Follicle Singapore by carefully inspecting the reasons behind your hair fall.
    • Award-winning services: Millions have trusted Follicle Singapore for their excellent services and the perfect blend of traditional treatments with modern technology. They have been awarded SPA Awards by Women’s Weekly and have also attained the award of Trusted Salons, which is an additional assurance of their high-quality services.
    • Operates during Sundays and public holidays: Specifically, visiting a hair replacement salon during weekdays is difficult if you are an office-going individual. Understanding your needs, Follicle Singapore stays operative during weekends and public holidays. You can visit them without having to leave your office.
    • Offers hair styling services at affordable cost: Follicle Singapore offers expertise in hair transplant solutions and provides the best hair treatment services at reasonable rates. No matter you want to get your hair colored or simply requiring a regular haircut, this is one of the best salons to go for.


    • Hydro-Dahra treatment
    • Aqua punch treatment
    • Radiofrequency treatment
    • Meso scalp treatment
    • Korean regenerative treatment
    • Hair dying
    • Algana hair treatment
    • Nano keratin re-bonding treatment


    • Dry end Treatment: $98 to 108
    • After color treatment: $98 to 108
    • Scalp treatment: $168 to 188
    • Hair & scalp treatment: $300
    • Hair wellness treatment: $198 to $318
    • Hair SPA treatment: $238 to 388
    • Algana oil treatment: $238 to 388

    3. SL Aesthetic Clinic

    SL Aesthetic Clinic Image: SL Aesthetic Clinic
  • Best for
    Operates with 7 locations across Singapore
  • Address
    1 Woodlands Square, #04-11, Causeway Point S(738099)
  • Phone
    +65 6877 0144
  • Website
  • With an experience of over a decade, SL Aesthetic Clinic offers a range of services, including FUE hair transplant, regenerate active hair restoration and hair loss medication. Highly skilled and experienced professionals at SL Aesthetic Clinic continuously explore innovative options to ensure that their services are practical and safe. Besides this, they are also recommended for other skincare treatments by thousands of loyal customers.


    • Have more than 12 years of experience: Nothing can be a better assurance of high quality and trust services except the expertise of professionals. At SL Aesthetic Clinic, the company has years of experience and has qualified staff to offer you nothing less than the best.
    • Operates with 7 locations across Singapore: SL Aesthetic Clinic has seven branches across the country. This makes them accessible to you no matter what exactly your location is. This means you can always have high-quality hair treatment services near your doorstep at an affordable cost.
    • Operates seven days a week: You might not have time to visit a hair treatment professional during weekdays due to your busy schedule. To cater for your needs, SL Aesthetic Clinic operates during the weekends and even during the public holidays to best meet your schedule.
    • Offers innovative hair restoration treatments: Besides regular FUE hair transplant services, SL Aesthetic Clinic provides one of the best Regenra Activa Hair Restoration procedures. This treatment helps replace the scalp with healthy tissue, which ensures the long-term growth of healthy hair in the affected area.


    • FUE hair transplant
    • Regenera Activa Hair restoration
    • Hair loss medication services
    • Other skin care treatments


    • Causeway point branch
    • Waterway point branch
    • Tampines Central branch
    • Junction 8 branch
    • Plaze Singapura branch
    • 63@Ubi branch
    • Jurong point branch


    • FUE hair transplant: $5 per graft
    • Regenera Activa Hair restoration: Up to $2,800

    4. Terra Medical Clinic

    Terra Medical Clinic Image: Terra Medical Clinic
  • Best for
    Advanced equipment for hair loss diagnosis
  • Address
    9 Scotts Road#11-03 Scotts Medical Centre, Pacific Plaza, Singapore 228210
  • Phone
    +65 6909 0927
  • Website
  • Email
  • With their motto of "It's not vanity, it's hair care", Terra Medical Clinic offers best in class hair replacement and baldness treatment within Singapore. The international bodies have recognized Dr Joshua for his expertise in using Regenera Activa. Depending upon the specific reason behind your hair loss, they have multiple treatment options to let you regain the glory.


    • Have excellent customer reviews: Terra Medical Clinic has been recognized by hundreds of satisfied customers for their high-quality treatment services on Google reviews. You will find customers praising for their expertise and professional treatment along with multiple options to choose from based on your needs and pocket.
    • Have advanced equipment for hair loss diagnosis: It is essential to diagnose the problem to offer effective treatment correctly. At Terra Medical Clinic, the professionals are very well trained and have state-of-the-art apparatus to identify the problem causing your hair loss. This can ensure positive results of subsequent treatment.
    • Offers multiple treatment options to select from: Terra Medical Clinic has every facility, from simple medication to stop hair’s shedding from advancing hair transplants. Whether you have mild hair loss symptoms or a completely bald head, you can have the best treatment based on your own choice.
    • Maintains regular blogs on hair loss: Terra Medical Clinic feels proud to educate the customer by posting regular baldness and hair loss articles. If you are concerned with your hair loss, you can read their articles with reputable research references to understand the underlying reasons.


    • Male hair transplant
    • Female hair transplant
    • Facial hair transplant
    • Hair loss medication
    • Terra scalpboosters
    • Regenera Activa scalp therapy
    • Low-level laser light therapy
    • Nutrafol hair restoration supplements
    • Aromase Medipro treatment


    • Mild hair transplant cases have a cost of $6,000 and go up to $20,000 depending upon the transplant area.

    5. Freia Medical

    Freia Medical Image: Freia Medical
  • Best for
    Offers non-surgical laser therapy
  • Address
    435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria Office Tower #19-03, Singapore
  • Phone
    +65 8223 0609
  • Website
  • Freia Medical is named after the God of beauty and aims to provide outclass services to individuals looking to regrow their lost hair. This clinic focuses explicitly on scientifically proven technologies to ensure that customers are getting practical results. They also focus extensively on patient safety, and all treatment options provided by them are entirely safe.


    • Offers non-surgical laser therapy: Technology has changed the way medical experts look into different hair loss problems. Focusing on innovative technologies, Freia Medical is among the few experts within Singapore that can successfully resolve various hair problems using laser therapy.
    • Focuses on patient safety: Hair transplants, specifically those involving surgical procedures, can be complex if not handled appropriately. At Freia Medical, the professionals are trained to put customers’ safety ahead of everything, and this is why all their surgical procedures are entirely safe to go for.
    • Have over 15 years of experience: Being in hair transplant for the past 15 years, Freia Medical has seen the rise and fall of different technologies. Building on their experience, they use a perfect blend of medication and other treatment options to quickly regrow your hair, which will undoubtedly be a confidence boost.
    • Have US FDA and Singapore HSA approvals: Having FDA and HSA approvals ensures the treatment’s safety, reliability, and effectiveness. Freia Medical operates with all these necessary approvals, which guarantees professional treatment.


    • FUE hair transplant
    • FUE eyebrow transplant
    • Regenera Activa
    • Artas hair transplant
    • Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)
    • Laser therapy
    • Oral treatments
    • Topical applications

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