The 5 Best Dating Apps in Singapore

Image: LunchClick

With the smartphone revolution, dating apps are now popular in Singapore as people seek to find their lifelong partners or get simple dates. It’s easier to meet new dates right from your smartphone with the aid of these apps.

The apps have different designs and interfaces, but they all try to get you your dream date. One might get confused when selecting one but don’t worry, this list will give you information that will guide you in making a choice.

1. Tinder

Tinder Image: Tinder

What people like

  • The foremost dating app: Tinder is the number one dating app in the world. All other dating apps strive to emulate or outclass Tinder. Tinder has the largest population of active users worldwide, so you have access to an extensive database of users.
  • Easy swipe feedback: Tinder has an easy to use interface whereby you swipe right if you like a person’s profile and swipe left if you don’t. The latest update to the app has done a lot to stop those who spam the right swipe motion.
  • Linked Instagram accounts: Users can link their Tinder account to their Instagram account for better authenticity. You can view the Instagram photos of those you fancy and get to know them better.

2. Paktor

Paktor Image: Paktor

What people like

  • Extensive database of Singaporeans: Access a large database of singles with this app. As the most popular dating app in Singapore, it gives you a wide variety of Singaporean profiles to choose from. Even you are the pickiest of all people, Paktor has the right choice for you. You can also meet people of other nationalities.
  • Group Chat: Users can engage in group chats with other members who share similar interests with them. Interest cards encourage chat communities to form.
  • Reward system: Users of Paktor can earn points for various activities on the app. You can gift these rewards to other users as you wish.

3. LunchClick

LunchClick Image: LunchClick

What people like

  • Meticulous registration process: When signing up, users will have to answer a lot of questions. The LunchClick staff will also run a background check before confirming your registration. This process ensures that all profiles are as real as possible and it diminishes lies and fake profiles that users of other dating apps encounter.
  • Pool of serious professionals: Most users of LunchClick are professionals who want a serious relationship. They are mostly straight to the point, not some bored people looking for a quick chat. There is no chat or swipe function in the app in order to discourage unnecessary chitchat.
  • Love assistants: LunchClick has a dedicated team of love assistants you can chat with that can give you advice on anything. The love assistants also provide other services like manual matchmaking, profile analysis etc.

4. Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel Image: Coffee Meets Bagel

What people like

  • A gifted choice for ladies: Coffee Meets Bagel has a new model targeted at ladies. Most dating apps are focused on men but the new model called Ladies Choice is fully customized for women.
  • Stringent matchmaking: Most dating apps give their users hundreds of matches but Coffee Meets Bagel gives men 21 matches and ladies 6 matches at most daily. The app sifts through your interests, demographic data, social network and other details to give you matches.
  • Matchmake your friends: You can suggest a not-your-right match to your friends. This will earn you points. This is good for helping your friends get matched with whom you think will be perfect for them.

5. Mat & Minah

Mat & Minah Image: Mat & Minah

What people like

  • Muslim focus: If you are a Muslim looking towards dating fellow Muslims, go to no other app than Mat & Minah. The app is exclusively for Muslims, and you will find like-minded Muslims on the platform.
  • Serious daters: Most users of the app are those looking towards a serious relationship and not just a casual fling. Only users that matched with each other will be able to have a chat privately and securely.
  • Other sections beyond dating: There are other sections available on the Mat & Minah app. Users can buy and sell items. An event calendar is also available.

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