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Top 5 Reliable Pest Control Services in Singapore 2020

  • Top 5 Reliable Pest Control Services in Singapore 2020

Whether you are in a brand-new home, a corporate office or a store, experiencing some unwanted friends is inevitable. From rodents, to insects, termites and wasps, getting rid of the issue at its core with a reliable exterminator is the best way to ensure these troublesome pests do not return.

Not sure who to call? Read below to discover the top 5 most reliable pest control services [updated 2020] in Singapore, and how to get in contact with them today.

1. ORIGIN Exterminators

  • ORIGIN Exterminators Image: ORIGIN Exterminators


  • More than 30 years of experience in tropical pest control: The company has tons of experience under their belt handling various pest control tasks for both commercial and residential projects, from problems that cause by termites to flies, lizards, booklice, bockroaches, rodents, ants.
  • One of the first environmentally-friendly pest control services: One of the first in Singapore to publish a Corporate Social Responsibility report, ORIGIN is dedicated to providing eco-friendly and innovative solutions to diminish pests with no harm to the environment.  By using new techniques such as water-based mist, bait and target methods and assistance from dogs, the company has creatively found procedures to deal with pests the green way.
  • Providing expert advice at no cost: Providing absolutely free advice if you have a general question on your infestation, the team at ORIGIN is extremely happy to help share their knowledge to assist you as much as possible. Not sure what is causing that infestation in your living room? Snap a picture and send it along to ORIGIN for efficient expert advice.

2. Killem Pest

  • Killem Pest Image: Killem Pest


  • 25 years of eco-friendly pest control: Since opening their doors in 1993, Killem Pest successfully delivered exceptional pest extermination to residential and commercial properties, using environmentally friendly chemical solutions that are harmless to humans and pets. Killem Pest are also licensed by the NEA.
  • Expertise in handling a wide range of harmful animals: The company knows the right way to maintain a safe living environment that is free from all kinds of pests, from commonly seen pest like flies, ants, mosquitoes, cockroache, mice, and bed bugs to potentially dangerous pests such as snakes, spiders, bees, hornets, wasps, and centipedes.
  • Detailed online guides to pest removals: Killem Pest portrays their vast knowledge on their website, where you can find information on all pest issues, so you are familiar with the scope of work before the technician even arrives at your place. Taking pride in fully explaining the procedure before even beginning the extermination, they make you feel completely at ease with their pest control service.

3. Local Service: Pest Control

  • Local Service: Pest Control Image: Local Service


  • Fast, eco-friendly and reliable pest management service: Claiming to be one of the fastest exterminators in the country, Local Service will swiftly eliminate any issue you have from the root, using eco-friendly and advanced tools and methods.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with every task: From start to finish, Local Service takes a lengthy procedure to ensure your issue has been fully resolved. This includes inspection, extermination, and cleaning residual chemicals that were used in the process, to leave your place spotless and chemical-free.

4. Rentokil

  • Rentokil Image: Rentokil


  • Globally renowned with presence in over 60 countries: This name is known world-wide for their reputable extermination service. With a fully equipped team of technicians, a trusted brand and decades of experience, Rentokil knows how to get rid of any pest issue you are experiencing.
  • Online payment service for your convenience: Settle a payment online at any time on their user-friendly website for ultimate convenience. Rentokil strives to provide approachable, convenient and consumer-friendly service, from start to finish.
  • Promotions and on-going events: At Rentokil, they know the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on pest removal. With constant offers and discounts, pest control doesn’t have to break the bank. If you are using a HSBC or Maybank card, enjoy a 10% discount on all services above S$400.

5. Oscar Pest Management

  • Oscar Pest Management Image: Oscar Pest Management


  • 24 hour service for swift pest removal: Having a midnight crisis? Pests are unexpected and can come out of nowhere. Call the 24-hour hotline for a technician to solve your issue at any time of the day.
  • NEA licensed and trained for exceptional service: Licensed to kill any rodent, cockroach or termite, the team at Oscar Pest Management are highly trained to complete any task – just leave it with them. Whether you own a commercial, industrial or residential building, Oscar Pest Management is happy to handle any issue.

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