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    Blk 15 Woodlands Loop #01-09
    Woodlands East Industrial Estate Singapore 738322
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    (65) 6755 7993
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  • Halal-certified

Established since 1999, Mei Hao 99 Catering has made a name for its international buffet catering service. Its reasonably priced menu carries a wide range of  foods selected from Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Western cuisine.


  • Generous food portions: The food portions delivered by Mei Hao 99 Catering are described as “huge”. They are bigger than expectation and more than enough to make every of your guest pleased.
  • Tasty foods: Their home-style dishes are delicious, which are still warm upon delivery and nicely presented on your tables. The good thing about Mei Hao’s cooking style is the grease level kept minimal.

– After placing an order, you will promptly receive confirmation via both email and phone.
– Delivery and setup are conducted on time.
– Staff is efficient in setting up tables and arranging foods.

Favorite dishes
Recommended by those who did engage service with Mei Hao
– Curry chicken
– Sweet and sour fish
– Sweet and sour pork
– Spare pork ribs
– Duck with sea cucumber & mushroom
– Prawn with salad cream
– Tang hoon
– Yam paste

Menus: There are 6 types of menus on offer: buffet menu, mini buffet, hi-tea buffet, bento, BBQ buffet, and wedding. For more information about menu items, click here.

1. Buffet menu: This menu is designed with different categories to meet different needs.
– Economic buffet: $8.90 per head; 8 courses + drink; minimum 40 pax
– Deluxe buffet: $10.90 per head; 9 courses + drink; minimum 30 pax
– Supreme buffet: $12.90 per head; 9 courses + drink; minimum 25 pax
– Classic buffet: $15.90 per head; 9 courses; minimum 25 pax
– International buffet: $18.90 per head; 9 courses; minimum 25 pax
– Golden buffet: $21.90 per head; 10 courses; minimum 25 pax

2. Mini buffet
Super value mini buffet: $6.90 per head; 7 courses; minimum 25 pax
– Mini buffet A: $8.90 per head; 8 courses; minimum 20 pax
– Mini buffet B: $10.90 per head; 9 courses; minimum 15 pax
– Mini buffet C: $12.90 per head; 9 courses; minimum 15 pax

3. Hi-tea buffet: $6.00/pax, $7.00/pax and  $8.00/pax

4. BBQ Buffet: From $7.00 onwards per pax with minimum order of 40 pax

7% GST will be charged over total bill.
– It is recommended making a booking at least 3 working days in advance.
– No warmers provided
– Mei Hao 99 Catering also offers dinner delivery, available from Monday to Friday at some selected areas.

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