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This cake shop houses the best strawberry soufflé, aside from a wide selection of pastries. Patisserie Glace’s artful desserts draw the crowd in to its small outlets in five different locations across the island, among which the outlet at Icon Village is the most frequented shop by its following.


  • A huge selection of Japanese-French fusion desserts: There is no shortage of cake slices, whole cakes, tofu chiffon, pastries, and ice cheese tarts at Patisserie Glace. You can even have your cake-for-occasion customized which you should order two weeks in advance. The cakes are predominantly Japanese in style like the souffles are in its sliced sponge cake version far from the traditional French soufflé in a moulder.
  • Authentic Japanese ingredients: Some ingredients like walnut and green tea are directly sourced from Japan. Thus, the presentation and taste might remind you of days back in this country. The all-time favourite strawberry shortcake is very much available, and it doesn’t look too far from the traditional version.
  • Divine Japanese strawberry soufflé: The chef has done a perfect job in balancing the flavours of fresh strawberries, cream, milk, and other ingredients that make up the smooth, moist and light strawberry soufflé. It has been rendering diners speechless after each bite since 2008.
  • Vegan-friendly desserts: Just when you thought Glace couldn’t get any better, they start offering Tofu tart, gluten-free and egg-free desserts. So vegans and those who abstain from eating wheat and eggs do have a place in this cake shop, too.

Patisserie Glace’s menu is vastly extensive, you will be left asking for the staff’s recommendation. To play it safe, the cake shop hosts plenty of traditional cakes like strawberry shortcakes, Mont Blanc, Caramel Mille-feuille, Banaan chocolat, and RinRin ice cheese tarts. Vegans and elderlies will also love some good options specially designed for their taste and lifestyle.

Recommended Desserts
– Strawberry Souffle
– Strawberry Shortcake
– RinRin Ice Cheese Tart
– Chiffon Cup
– Mont-Blanc
– Banaan Chocolat
– Very Berry Deluxe Cake
– Emerald Isle
Hazel Dazzel
– Financier
– Chocolate Madeleine

Price Range
Sliced cakes: From S$5.40
Tarts: From S$3.20
Whole cakes: From S$26.80

– Online orders are accepted.
– Some cakes must be ordered 4 to 14 days in advance.
– The Icon Village outlet provides no dine-in space.

Patisserie Glace @ Icon Village
12 Gopeng Street #01-31/32 Icon Village S078877
Tel: (65) 6400 0247
Monday to Friday: 11:00 – 19:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00
Sunday and public holidays: 11:00 – 17:00

Patisserie Glace @ Marina Bay Link Mall
8A Marina Boulevard #B2-65 MBLM S018984
Tel: (65) 6634 9839

Patisserie Glace @ Republic Plaza
9 Raffles Places #01-16 Republic Plaza S048619
Tel: (65) 6536 0169

Patisserie Glace @ Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive #04-78/79 Square 2 S307506
Tel: (65) 6397 7180

Patisserie Glace @ Biopolis
8 Biomedical Grove, #01-03 Neuros S138665
Tel: (65) 6464 2023

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