The 5 Best Places to Do Printing in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Places to Do Printing in Singapore Image: Ultra Supplies

Is it easy to find good and cheap printing services in Singapore?

Yes, certainly. There is a myriad of businesses providing a full range of printing and printing-related services for any printing needs at competitive prices.

Conveniently, those printing shops usually gather nearby at shopping centres to form so-called printing hubs, which are Queensway Shopping Centre, Sunshine Plaza, Brah Basah Complex, Peace Centre, and Katong Shopping Centre. All you need to do is visit the nearest printing centre and ask around for services on offer and price quote, then pick a suitable one.

But if you want to engage a printing service in the comfort of your home, go online and place an order at a reliable company. In this case, The Noteway’s Printing Service is recommended for students and organizations that are in need of printing quality apparels (T-shirts, Jerseys, Hoodies and Jackets) and customized gifts (Mugs and Notebooks) at wallet-friendly prices.

Continue reading to know the greatest strengths of all 5 printing hubs and names of recommended shops at each place.

1. Printing Services at Queensway Shopping Centre

Queensway Shopping Centre has a myriad of printing shops that meet all printing needs from small quantities to big printing projects.

It is popular among students as a place to print and photocopy school-related materials and print customized design T-shirts.

Best for printing
- T-shirts
- Jerseys
- Business cards/Name cards
- Professional Documents (black and white/colours)
- Corporate Gifts such as mugs and caps

2. Printing Services at Sunshine Plaza

Sunshine Plaza is viewed as the biggest printing hub with the largest number of printing shops in Singapore. So you can be sure that this spot provides good solutions for all customers’ printing needs including digital printing, large format printing and customized gifts.

Printing shops at Sunshine Plaza offer good customer services at competitive prices. Moreover, herein you can certainly get useful advice on choosing paper quality, paper thickness, suitable colors and printing methods.

You can engage quick printing services for small quantity jobs at many shops.

Best place for printing
- Flyers, brochures, marketing materials
- Digital photos
- Customized gifts like mugs, bottles and mouse pads
- Large format printing
- Stickers

3. Printing Services at Bras Basah Complex

There are plenty of printing shops at Brah Basah Complex offering a full range of printing and printing-related services for all customer's printing needs.

Located at Bugis area, Brah Basah Complex is a convenient place for office workers nearby to come down for a quick printing job at lunch hours or after work.

The place is also a favorite haunt of enthusiastic photographers for having their photos printed, especially those using traditional film cameras.

Best place for printing
- Posters (small size to large format)
- Photos (both digital and film)
- Professional Documents (all paper sizes)
- Name Cards / Business Cards

4. Printing Services at Peace Centre

Peace Centre on Sophia Road, home to many printing shops, offers a wide range of services for your printing and photocopying needs. It’s one of the most wallet-friendly printing places in Singapore.

The place’s location at Dhoby Ghaut area makes it a convenient center for students to print their school assignments and photocopy their books.

Best place for printing
- Documents (black and white/colours)
- Posters (small size to large format)
- Large format printing
- Name Cards/Business Cards

5. Printing Services at Katong Shopping Centre

Katong Shopping Centre in the East of Singapore is one of the best places to get printing jobs done as it is home to numerous printing shops with a full range of printing services at competitive prices.

Best place for printing
- Name cards/Business cards
- Marketing materials like flyers, brochures and banners
- Professional documents (all paper sizes)

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