928 Yishun Laksa

928 Yishun Laksa
928 Yishun Laksa
Image: Shirley Kong
  • Best for
    Cheap yet yummy laksa
  • Prices
    • S$2.80 (small)
    • S$3.30 (large)
  • Address
    #01-155, 928 Yishun Central 1, Singapore 760928
  • Phone
    +65 9731 9586
  • Opening hours
    Daily 10:00 – 19:00
  • Known for having the best laksa in the North, 928 Yishun is a must-visit destination for laksa fans being around Yishun area. However, brace yourself for the long queue that can seem endless because this place is just downright popular.

    What people like

    • Generous amounts of ingredients: For some, the best laksa should have generous amounts of ingredients, and this laksa doesn’t disappoint with each bowl being loaded with delicious stuff. A small bowl is already filled with fried beancurd, hard-boiled egg, beansprouts, fish cakes, and cockles/crab sticks, so no need to pay more for additional toppings.
    • You can add your own chili paste and laksa leaves: If you prefer your curry to be extra savoury, the homemade sambal chili and laksa leaves are on the tables for you to help yourself.
    • Choose your own type of noodles: Choose among thin bee hoon, thick bee hoon or yellow noodle depending on your own preferences. This is definitely a must-try for food explorers who are keen to find the most suitable laksa for their taste.
    • Homemade chilli sambal: Prepared by the owner, this stall chilli sambal celebrates the sweetness from shallots, the savoriness from dried shrimps and the spiciness from chillies. Let this condiment complement your bowl of laksa.
    • Economical prices at S$2.80 – S$3.30: Always on budget? This laksa shop is perfect with its reasonably priced food items. A small bowl of laksa costs S$2.80 and is available for upgrades, if you have a big appetite. Yishun’s pricing is definitely much cheaper than most laksa shops in Singapore.


    • You may ask the chef to replace your cockles with crabsticks.
    • During the hot summer days, you might want to order your to-go Yishun laksa. The dining space is too small and ventilation is quite poor.
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