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    10 Anson Road, International Plaza #16-16
    Singapore 079903
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    (65) 9067 4867 (Kevin)
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    Mon to Fri 10:00 - 18:00
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As a trusted air conditioning service provider in Singapore, Aircon Astiquer can provide you with the good assurance, which means all your air conditioning needs will be met in an efficient and timely manner. This company uses special tools and technique, invented by its founder Kevin Tan, to clean air conditioners of all types perfectly.


  • The inventor Kevin and his own-created air con cleaning machines add more color to Singapore’s air con maintenance field: Kevin, the air con specialist and the founder of Aircon Astiquer, is passionate about creating equipment that can remove air con mold more effectively. His machines with HydroJET and ChemJET cleaning methods have won the hearts of many Singaporean users through the perfect cleaning results.
  • Customers can learn good air con maintenance tips from an expert: Despite being famous, Kevin is friendly and helpful. He is always willing to give customers useful tips on how to simply maintain the air con. This normally works well in making people certain that every job is done with expertise.
  • Booking for service is easy: Astiquer's website allows customers to check available time slots and make booking conveniently.

Services & Rates
HydroJET or patial chemical cleaning
Air-conditioning unit is throughout cleaned and flushed using high pressure water jet. Prices range from S$90 to S$125 per unit.

ChemJET cleaning
Using high pressure water jet and alkaline coil cleaner to clean and disinfect the air conditioner. Prices range from S$180 to S$250 per unit.

Aircon yearly maintenance contract
Customers can choose a flexible plan that provides 2 servicing, 3 servicing, or 4 servicing per year. Prices depend on the number of units.

Assessment & report service
Astiquer will inspect your air conditioners and provide you an email report about problems and proposed solutions. Rates start from S$90 for 30 minutes.

Aircon repairing service
Prices are quoted based on work requirements.

– Aircon Astiquer prices are not the cheapest but it’s certainly worth it.
– Service is offered for both residential and commercial air conditioners.

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