The 3 Best Motorcycle Rentals in Singapore 2022

Best Motorcycle Rentals in Singapore
Best Motorcycle Rentals in Singapore
Image: AloRide Rental

Whether you’re planning your next leisure visit to Singapore or a permanent resident there, exploring the cities can always be a hassle. Finding and staying aligned with the timing of public transport or taxis might be troublesome most of the time. Plus, it might not be budget-friendly either.

Luckily, plenty of motorcycle rental service providers are available in Singapore, where you can always rent a motorcycle of your choice to roam around the city. This will be super convenient, and you can set your schedule instead of waiting for taxis or buses.

If you’re also searching for motorcycle rental services, here it comes to an end. Below is the list of the 3 best motorcycle rentals in Singapore [2022 review] to meet your intercity travel needs.

1. AloRide Rental

AloRide Rental Image: AloRide Rental
  • Best for
    Easy booking process
  • Address
    #01-24 Block 1008 Bukit Merah Lane 3, Singapore 159722
  • Phone
    +65 3159 1188
  • Website
  • Email
  • With more than 5 years in service, AloRide Rental has quickly surpassed customer expectations with its high-quality services and a customer-centric approach. The company operates with more than 110 bikes in their fleet, including automatic and manual, to cover all your needs.

    AloRide Rental operates in two different locations across Singapore, and you may access them easily no matter the corner of the city you are residing in. Getting a bike to rent is very convenient, and you have to visit them with your driving license. A quick quote will be provided, and the process will complete in 10 minutes.

    The company claims to operate on a lean business model, which helps them pass on the maximum price advantage to the customers. AloRide Rental partners with various award-winning motorbikes shop partners to keep their bikes maintained and commercially insured.


    • AloRide Rental operates with a customer-centric approach, and the staff will keep you ahead of everything in terms of price, services, and support.
    • The company offers the lowest motorcycle rental prices across Singapore by directly leveraging its lean business model to their customer.
    • AloRide Rental has a fleet of over 110 bikes with both manual and automatic options to cover the need of everyone.
    • The booking process is easy and convenient that can provide you with your desired bike on rent in as low as 10 minutes by just showing up your driving license.


    • Motorcycle rental services
    • Motorcycle leasing services
    • Purchase and selling of motorcycles


    • Yamaha YBR125: From $330/month
    • Honda Wave: From $350/month
    • Piaggio Fly 150: From $340/month
    • Yamaha Spark T135: From $350/month
    • Honda PCX125: From $400/month
    • Vespa LX150: From $420/month
    • Yamaha X-1R: From $350/month
    • SYM GTS200: From $400/month
    • Honda CB400 (Ver S): From $420/month
    • Honda CBF150: From $340/month

    2. Vroom Leasing

    Vroom Leasing Image: Vroom Leasing
  • Best for
    Offers a wide range of bikes to select from
  • Address
    Jurong West Street 74, Block 765, Singapore 640765
  • Phone
    +65 9656 7058
  • Website
  • Email
  • Vroom Leasing claims itself as Singapore’s number 1 rental and leasing company for motorcycles. The company offers Singapore’s Go-to Premiere Class 2B, 2A, and Full Class 2 Motorcycle Rental Company. This means Vroom Leasing offers the widest range of bikes to select from based on one’s own choice and style.

    When it comes to customer services, Vroom Leasing goes the extra mile. They offer 100% authentic insurance on all motorbikes, and unlike many other operators in the market, they don’t have any age or experience restrictions. The booking process is quite straightforward using their online channel.

    The rental cost you pay will cover all the expenses, and you won’t have to pay extra for any maintenance services. Even if the rented bike gets into an accident, all you have to do is send their representative a video and collect and get it repaired on their own.


    • Vroom leasing has over 350 positive reviews with five-star ratings on Google, ensuring their high-quality services.
    • The company offers a wide range of bikes to select from, and you can always get your rented bike matched with your style and specific requirements.
    • At Vroom, you never need to pay for the maintenance and breakdown as the rental cost paid to the company will cover everything, including routine inspections!
    • The booking process is easy, and all you have to do is present your valid driving license for verification purposes, followed by a rental credit to get your bike.


    • Motorcycle rental services


    • GILERA RUNNER ST200: From $35/day
    • Honda ADV150: From $55/day
    • Honda CB400 SF Spec 2: From $60/day
    • Honda CB400 SF Spec 3: From $70/day
    • Honda CBF150: From $30/day
    • Honda CBF150 Repsol: From $55/day
    • Kawasaki KRR150: From $55/day
    • KTM Duke 200: From $55/day
    • KTM RC390 AKRA: From $80/day
    • KTM Super Duke 1290 R: From $200/day
    • Suzuki DRZ400: From $70/day
    • Yamaha Aerox 155 (White): From $65/day
    • Yamaha FZ16 Black: From $40/day
    • Yamaha FZ6 Scorpion: From $70/day
    • Yamaha FZ8 Yoshi: From $80/day
    • Yamaha MT15: From $55
    • Yamaha NMAX 155: From $55/day
    • Yamaha R1: From $105/day
    • Yamaha R15 v2: From $45/day
    • Yamaha R3: From $80/day
    • Yamaha R6: From $85/day
    • Yamaha RXZ 135: From $40/day
    • Yamaha Sniper 150: From $55/day
    • Yamaha Spark T135: From $40/day

    3. Ban Hock Hin

    Ban Hock Hin Image: Ban Hock Hin
  • Best for
    All-inclusive rental packages
  • Address
    Ban Hock Hin Co. Pte Ltd, No 6, Defu Lane 4, Singapore 539410
  • Phone
    +65 6281 6520
  • Website
  • Ban Hock Hin is among the few motorcycle rental services in Singapore that have its operations ISO-9001 certified. This ensures that the processes within the company are completely standardized to offer best-in-class customer services.

    The company provides bike rental services to individuals as well as fleet owners. The services are available on a short-term and long-term basis, and you can change the rental plan according to your specific requirements and budget.

    With a competitive monthly fee, you will be able to enjoy the two-wheeler of your choice with its maintenance cost, road tax, insurance, accidental repair, and services included. You will also get a replacement bike in case of any major maintenance work on the bike.


    • Ban Hock Hin has ISO 9001 certified operations with which the procedures within the company are completely standardized to produce high-quality results all the time.
    • The bike rental services are available for individual clients and fleet owners, with several options to choose from as per your requirements and budget.
    • The bike rental packages are all-inclusive and cover the cost of maintenance, towing services, accidental repairs, road tax, and insurance.
    • In case of any unfortunate accident or a major repair, the company will manage everything independently, and you will get a replacement bike immediately.


    • Bike rental and leasing services
    • Motorcycle maintenance services
    • Motorcycle accessories


    • BMW G310: From $50/day
    • SYM Maxsym 400I CVT: From $50/day
    • Honda CB400: From $60/day
    • K.T.M 390 DUKE: From $60/day
    • Piaggio MP3 125: From $35/day
    • SYM Fighter: From $50/day
    • SYM Joyride: From $35/day
    • Yamaha Cygnus125: From $30/day
    • Yamaha Fino: From $30/day

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