All in the Family Counselling

All in the Family Counselling
All in the Family Counselling
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    Marriage and family counselling
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    60 Paya Lebar Road, #11-06 Paya Lebar Square, Singapore 409051
  • Phone
    +65 9030 7239
  • Opening hours
    Monday to Sunday: 12pm to midnight
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  • All in the Family Counselling is a private counselling and therapy services provider led by Ms Tammy Fontana, a certified counsellor specialising in couples therapy, hypnotherapy, and sex therapy. She’s been a resident and practising counsellor in Singapore for over two decades. All in the Family specialises in family and marriage counselling, but individual counselling is also available.


    • Extensive training and experience in family and marriage counselling: Ms Fontana has completed her education and training in the US and has practical experience working with couples and families. She’s also trained in play therapy with Felicia Carrol, a seasoned Gestalt Play therapist. In addition, she’s trained in counselling on domestic disputes, particularly divorce. She works with families to get the best outcomes and guides them through difficult periods using proven counselling techniques and methodologies.
    • Training on addressing and counselling intimacy issues: Couples who are facing intimacy issues can find solace in Ms. Fontana’s counselling. She’s completed her sex therapy training through the Advanced Mental Health Training Institute. She’s equipped with the knowledge and techniques of making people comfortable and addressing intimacy issues they experience with their partner.
    • Retreats abroad for mental wellness: All in the Family Counselling also curates retreats to help individuals and couples with their mental health. The trips are designed to cater to individual needs, considering the issues the person or couple may face. It combines daily therapy, activities, and travel to bring out a new, better version of the person.


    • Women’s counselling
    • Men’s counselling
    • Online therapy
    • Pre-marriage counselling
    • Marriage counselling
    • Divorce counselling
    • Intimacy counselling
    • Therapeutic intensives
    • Retreats
    • Baby sleep training


    • One session: 50 min S$250 or 80 min S$375
    • 6 sessions S$1,399
    • 10 session  S$2,300
    • 20 sessions S$4,200
    • 52 sessions  S$10,300
    • 2-day intensive S$3000 for 10 hours
    • Sleep consulting S$100 via portal
    • Babysleep training S$375
    • Retreats from S$20,000
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