Bornga @ Vivo City

Bornga @ Vivo City
Bornga @ Vivo City
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    1 HarbourFront Walk, #02-123/124, Singapore 098585
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    +65 6376 8268
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    Daily 11:30 to 22:00
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  • As one of the most successful chefs in South Korea and Asia, having Chef Jong Won Baek at the helm of any restaurant is tantamount to having a seal of excellence. Bornga originates in Korea as a rebrand of the restaurant “Wonjo Ssambabjip” in 2002. Its excellent quality of food at pocket-friendly prices allowed the restaurant to establish more than 50 locations in 10 countries in Asia and even in the USA. Sure, Chef Baek’s celebrity status has served as the restaurant’s passport to its continuous growth, but his stellar food offerings deserve much of the credit.

    Bornga’s menu offers an extensive collection of KBBQ meats, stews, and other traditional dishes, but its bestseller remains the Woo Samgyup, thinly-sliced and lightly-marinated beef brisket grilled over live charcoal. It is this dish that catapulted the humble 1993 eatery into a stellar global success and is a definite must-try at Bornga.


    • Headed by celebrity chef Jong Paik: Chef Baek is a household name in South Korea, hosting three popular TV shows including Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef King. His rise to stardom was fueled by his lifelong aspiration of making the rest of the world fall in love with traditional Korean cuisine. Every dish at Bornga is an expression of his passion for their local culinary culture.
    • Choose from 11 Korean BBQ Specialties: Bornga’s assortment of KBBQ items include different cuts, kinds, and flavors of pork and beef, shrimp, and vegetables. Of course, a must-try is the classic Woo Samgyup, a masterpiece of Chef Baek himself.
    • All-Korean menu: Bornga presents an all-Korean menu – traditional stews, rice and noodle dishes, side dishes, and barbecue – that is well-loved in over 50 locations. This is proof that Chef Baek has more than succeeded in his goal to introduce Korean cuisine outside Korea.


    • Woo Samgyup
    • Haemul Pa Jeon
    • Haemul Dduk Jjim
    • Bornga Bulgogi

    LOOK & FEEL: Feel free to keep it casual at Bornga to truly enjoy a no-frills authentic Korean dining experience.

    NOTE: Bornga’s menu changes from time to time, so don’t be shy to ask the wait staff – you just might be in for a yummy surprise.


    • Buses: 10, 143, 61, 97, 97E (3-min walk from Vivo City Shuttle Bus Stop)
    • Nearest MRT: HarbourFront (NE1|CC29)
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