EL Mesa @ Clarke Quay

EL Mesa @ Clarke Quay
EL Mesa @ Clarke Quay
Image: El Mesa Clarke Quay Facebook.com
  • Best for
    Classic Filipino dishes
  • Address
    Blk D Clarke Quay, #01-08
    River Valley Road
    Singapore 179023
  • Phone
    +65 6837 2938
  • Opening hours
    Monday to Thursday: 4pm - 2am
    Friday: 4pm - 3am
    Saturday: 12pm - 3am
    Sunday: 12pm - 2am
  • Website
  • Are you a foodie, or simply away from home and missing the taste of familiar cuisine? If so, El Mesa @ Clarke Quay is just the ticket. Masters of classic Filipino food, they serve meals that remain true to the aromas, flavors, and textures of Filipino cuisine. Not to mention you will also experience examples of other cultural influences and get to sample scrumptious seafood.


    • Tantalize your taste buds with crispy Pata: deep-fried pig trotters with delicious crunchy skin. You may choose to have this as the main dish with rice as an accompaniment. Alternatively, treat it as a beer snack and dip it in the soy vinegar sauce.
    • Indulge in Tagaytay’s Bulalo:  a delicious soup to warm the belly. It comes with bone marrow that you can scoop out. This rich and satisfying dish is made with bone-in beef shanks and vegetables such as corn and cabbage. It is the perfect comfort food on a cold day.
    • Chicken Insasal: sample the mouth-watering barbecued chicken with a tasty twist. Inasal in Tagalog means ”roasted meat”. The dish is originally from the Visayas islands in the southern Philippines. It comprises chicken that is marinated in a mixture that includes among other ingredients, coconut vinegar, spices, and herbs. Thereafter, it is grilled to perfection.


    This consists of a well-selected variety of authentic Filipino favorites, made from carefully sourced ingredients. The colorful appetizers are served in platters, great for sharing. They are priced between $14-$21. Filipino specialties such as the Liempo Inasal are served for the main course with prices ranging from $21-$58. The restaurant boasts a fine selection of decadent desserts. The Iskrambol, created from shaved ice, and bananas, and decorated with colorful sprinkles is a great favorite.


    El Mesa @ Clarke Quay’s location in the historical riverside quay is ideal. This is the center of buzzing nightlife. The restaurant has a rustic, pleasant, laid-back vibe. The scattered indoor plants add a refreshing touch and the hanging lanterns provide romantic, soft lighting. The prevailing mood renders it an ideal hangout for chilling with friends and family.


    • BBQ Isaw – $16
    • Chicarong Bulaklak – $14
    • Liempo Inasal – $21
    • Duck Kalderata – $22


    • The restaurant offers a delivery service.
    • Pre-ordering is possible.
    • There are daily promotions that offer tempting deals.
    • Party packages are available.
    • Reservations are necessary on Fridays and Weekends.
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