Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert
Honeymoon Dessert
Image: Honeymoon Dessert
  • Address
    200 Victoria Street, No.01-70 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021
  • Phone
    +65 6837 0027
  • Opening hours
    Daily 12:00 - 22:00
  • A dessert paradise for people with a sweet tooth! Straight from Hong Kong, Honeymoon Dessert is set to bring the best Chinese dessert to Singapore through its seven outlets. Mango pomelo sago with tofu is loved by many as expected; some people are still coming to terms with their appreciation of durian desserts; while the others are either repelled or felt challenged by the exoticness of the double boiled bird’s nest with almond tea soup. Read on to discover this irresistible dessert place!


    • Over 100 desserts to choose from: Probably Honeymoon has the most expansive menu out there. You will definitely be spoilt for choice, from traditional hot and cold desserts to tofu pudding, sago, grass jelly, durian special, snow mountain and snacks. This place is perfect for people who couldn’t last a week without a bowl of new Chinese dessert.
    • Multiple locations to satisfy your unexpected sweet tooth cravings: Don’t be surprised if ever you run into a Honeymoon Dessert outlet in Bugis area or in Vivo city as this dessert house does have multiple outlets all over the island. The stalls are conveniently located in popular shopping malls so after enjoying a sumptuous lunch or dinner, you may sweep off the spices and salt on your taste buds by indulging in its delicious desserts!
    • Grass Jelly with a scoop of ice cream: This combination is one of the most enjoyable ways to indulge in dessert at Honeymoon. The naturally bitter grass jelly was made great with a scoop of sweet ice cream! The happiness doesn’t end there as you can always choose your favorite mix from a wide range of grass jelly style desserts, from fruit juice, vanilla, to red bean mixes.
    • Double boiled bird’s nest (S$25) poses to challenge the guests: Want to know how far you’re willing to go for desserts? Try this flavour out! Made from the birds’ saliva, bird’s nest dessert does sound repelling at first, but thank goodness, Honeymoon has perfected this dish by combining with other ingredients that makes it very palatable to the human taste. Definitely for foodies with brave souls out there!
    • Unique fruit pancake rolls: Honeymoon’s pancakes are like no other. The fruit is stuffed right into the belly of the cream filling, ready to explode and melt in your mouth. Three options are available (banana, mango, and durian), and an eggy coating will hold these fruits and cream fillings inside. But this kind of combination may not be for everyone, especially for those who don’t enjoy overly sweet desserts.

    It is worth mentioning that Honeymoon Dessert has over 160 Chinese style desserts under its belt. Therefore, the menu is expansive than the other dessert stalls in Singapore, which can be a great thing for those who want to be spoilt for choices! Nevertheless, first-timers won’t have a hard time ordering as they can play it safe with the more popular options such as mango pomelo sago, durian pudding, coconut grass jelly with ice cream, or mango pancakes.


    • Durian Pudding
    • Sweet Balls & Walnut Soup & Almond tea
    • Durian in Vanilla Sauce with Ice-Cream
    • Coconut Juice Sago & Grass Jelly with Green Tea Ice-Cream
    • Baked Mashed Taro Sago Pudding
    • Thai Black Glutinous Rice with Mango

    Honeymoon Dessert has a modern look. Staff is accommodating and may assist you with things as you wait in line. Most of the outlets are located inside different shopping centres so the hot weather in the dry months may be forgotten once you’ve taken a scoop of your cold dessert. However, the crowd volume can get high by the minute when you dine in at around 19:00 to 22:00, especially on weekends.


    @ Bugis Junction
    200 Victoria Street, No.01-70 Bugis Junction, Singapore 188021

    @ Vivo City
    1 Harbourfront Walk No.01-93 Vivo City Singapore 098585

    @ Paragon
    290 Orchard Road No. B1-09 Paragon, Singapore 238859

    @ Ion Orchard
    No.B3-15/16, Ion Orchard, 2 Orchard, Singapore 238801

    @ Katong
    112 East Coast Road No. B1-30 112 Katong, Singapore 428802

    @ Parkway Parade
    80 Marine Parade Road, No.01-17B Parkway Parade, Singapore 449269

    @ Raffles Link (Closed)
    1 Raffles Link, No. B1-07, One Raffles Link, Singapore 039393

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