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Illumia Medical

  • Illumia Medical Image: Illumia Medical
  • Location
    Orchard Road
  • Doctor
    Dr Adrian Ooi
    Dr Ong Xiang Ning
  • Experience
    >10 years
  • Duration
    15-30 minutes
  • Anaesthesia
    Local Anaesthesia
  • Cost
    From $8,000
  • Address
    501 Orchard Road
    #05-12 Wheelock Place
    Singapore 238880
  • Phone
    +65 6454 5465
  • Opening hours
    Mon-Fri: 10:30-20:30
    Sat: 10:30-15:00
  • Website

Dr Adrian Ooi is a plastic surgeon who has a special interest in aesthetics. In addition to being a specialist in minimally invasive surgery, he also excels in reconstructive microsurgery.

Dr Ooi is frequently invited to International medical conferences as a guest speaker.

Dr Ooi is supported by Dr Ong Xiang Ning, the resident medical doctor with experience in aesthetic medicine. She has successfully handled cases ranging from face fillers, Botox lift, HIFU facelifts, and other procedures.

Dr Ong Xiang Ning’s speciality is Dermatology and minimally invasive facelift.


  • Conveniently located on Orchard Road
  • The treatment takes place in the comfort of the clinic.
  • Only the latest and safest procedures on offer.
  • It is the objective of the clinic to enhance your appearance as natural as possible.


Illumia Medical offers Baby Thread Lift (PDO Thread Lift) service.

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are inserted into the marked areas. Targeted areas include under the eyes, crow’s feet, sagging chins, and others.

The inserted threads tighten and lift the areas of concern. Gradually, the face becomes firmer and fresher as collagen stimulation gets underway. The advantage of the procedure is that there is minimal discomfort and the effects are lasting due to the production of collagen.


1. Dr Adrian Ooi

  • MBBS (London)
  • MMed (Surgery)
  • MRCSEd
  • MRCS
  • SAPS
  • ASRM

2. Dr Ong Xiang Ning

  • DipDerm (London)
  • MBChB (Glasgow)
  • AAAM
  • GDFM (Singapore)

COST GUIDE: Starts from $ 8,000

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