Le Spa

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Founded in 2013, this top-quality spa provides round-the-clock treatments to melt that stress away and connect your mind to your body and soul. Within their core values, Le Spa strive on providing world-class customer service to gain trust as an established brand, and expand their outlet locations. Combat fatigue and restore your energy with their signature massages.

What people like

  • All day, all night operation: Ever seen a 24-hour spa? Now you have!
  • Express full body massage session: a 30-min massage for $38
  • Spas in central location: two of their spas are located in Chinatown and River Valley areas.
  • Beautiful spa rooms

Services and Prices

  • Le Urban Fusion(LUF): 30-min session for $38; 60-min session for $60
  • Le Royal Balinese: 30-min session for $38; 60-min session for $60
  • Le Classic Swedish Retreats: 30-min session for $38; 60-min session for $60

Opening hours: 24 hours

Locations & Telephone Numbers
Club Street
14 Gemmill Lane
Tel: 6222 6803

Upper Bukit Timah
16A Chun Tin Road
Tel: 6222 6805

River Valley
13 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel: 6222 6806

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