Miracle Math Tuition Centre

Miracle Math Tuition Centre
Miracle Math Tuition Centre
Image: Miracle Math Tuition Centre
  • Operation
    >15 years
  • Level
  • Class size
    8 to 9 students per class
  • Teaching mode
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  • Address
    Heartbeat @ Bedok, 11 Bedok North Street 1 #01-06 Singapore 469662
  • Phone
    +65 9787 9150
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  • Miracle Math Tuition Centre is a MOE-registered tuition centre in Singapore that specializes in Math tuition for Primary and Secondary level students.

    It was founded in 2007 by Mr. Charles, a First Class Honour graduate from Queensland University of Technology.

    The centre's focus extends beyond the improvement of students’ grades. It also aims to cultivate a genuine enthusiasm for learning among students as a foundation for their academic accomplishments and overall life success.


    • The centre provides personalized, interactive Math tutoring where students collaborate closely with tutors and peers, fostering a dynamic learning environment.
    • The centre’s tailored approach guarantees improved math skills for students who adhere to the customized game plan.
    • The team of tutors comprises MOE-approved, highly qualified math experts adept at teaching both primary and secondary school students. Partnering with top educators ensures the unleashing of students’ fullest potential.
    • The centre has earned multiple recognitions and awards from various organizations, acknowledging its significant impact on students’ academic accomplishments.


    • On average, students improve 2 grades or more within 6 to 18 months with Miracle Math Tuition Centre.


    • Primary 5/6 Math: S$52.00 to S$67.50 per lesson
    • Secondary 1-4 Math: S$57 to S$77.50 per lesson
    • Additional Mathematics: S$64.50 to S$80.00 per lesson

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