Piedra Negra

Piedra Negra
Piedra Negra
Image: Piedra Negra
  • Address
    241 Beach Rd
    Singapore 189753
  • Phone
    +65 6291 1297
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Thu 12:00 - 23:30
    Fri 12:00 - 01:30
    Sat 16:00 - 01:30
  • Craving for some authentic Mexican food with an ambience to match? Your search ends with Piedra Negra. Serving good Mexican food in a casual dining style, this restaurant is a perfect joint for a sparkling get-together with family and friends. And with entrance covered in as colourful murals as this, the place is hard to be missed.


    • Delicious Mexican cuisine at a wallet-friendly price: Tough to find a good Mexican restaurant in Singapore without paying a whopping price? Not anymore. At Peidra Negra you can enjoy delicious, authentic Mexican specialties – Beef and Chicken Burritos, Flauto Tacos, Guacamole with chips, Beef Alambre and Ceviches ­– at quite a reasonable price.
    • A unique Mexican menu serving some off-beat, interesting dishes: Besides the traditional Mexican suspects, be pleasantly surprised with delicious grilled steaks and rare but wonderful dishes such as Mexican hamburger, cactus salad and rollito de platano (deep-fried habaneros stuffed with cream cheese and plantain).
    • A real Mexican vibe with a vibrant, colourful ambience: Munching on nachos and sipping Margaritas have never been this fun. Whether it is the artsy murals on entrance or quirky colourful interiors with quaint chandeliers, mosaic tiles and life-size sculptures, the entire setting conspires to make you feel as if you are dining right in Mexico.
    • Guacamole made fresh right in front of you: Surprised by a mortar and pestle on your table? While you look on, a server will deftly crush avocado with chopped onions, tomatoes, serrano chili and coriander. A right dash of lime juice and your chunky dip is ready to be scooped with crunchy tortilla chips.

    MENU: The menu at Piedra Negra consists of a variety of tapas (appetizers), enchiladas, tortillas and grilled delights. Along with fresh fruit juices and hot beverages, a range of Margaritas, Tequilas, beers and cocktails makes your meal light and refreshing.


    • Alambre
    • Flauta Tacos
    • Salmon-Avacado Ceviche
    • Beef Burritos
    • Chicken Burritos
    • Rollito de Platano
    • Mexican Meatballs with Rice
    • Tamarind-Glazed Pork Ribs
    • Chips with Guacamole
    • Grilled Cod Fish Fillet

    ATMOSPHERE: The place has quirky, colourful elements woven together to give it fun, cozy vibe. Enjoy a real Mexican deal either inside or choose to sit outside in the vibrant alley full lively chatter. The staff is extremely helpful and provide a heart-warming service. The restaurant has two more levels meant for musical events, birthday parties, corporate dinners and farewell parties.


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