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SCAPE Underground

  • SCAPE Underground Image: The Laid Black
  • Address

    2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

  • Phone
    +65 6521 6565
  • Opening hours

    Daily 09:00 - 21:00

Located in the heart of Orchard Road, SCAPE Underground is indeed among the best budget shopping places in Singapore. It is a facility part of SCAPE, which is a youth empowerment center with the vision to support youth, talent and leadership development. Therefore, everything in SCAPE Underground is student friendly, and we all know with students, budget is of essence. However, the incentives given to retailers lead to the cheap and very high quality products.

SCAPE Underground Image: SCAPE Underground 


  • Student budget-friendly shopping right in Orchard: Being a facility within the SCAPE Company which is built on the vision to empower the youth, the products sold in the retail space are cheap, as the students are the primary customers. Most young people depend on hand outs from parents and stipends and hence SCAPE Underground offers a perfect avenue for budget shopping.

  • Wide range of cheap products: Many activities take place within the SCAPE, as a result, a wide variety of high quality products related to the young people are sold at the SCAPE Underground. These products range from fashion apparel, accessories, electronic accessories, gifts, just to mention but a few. This shopping space serves all age brackets with cheap ‘youthful’ products. Fashion clothes have the average prices from $10 to $15.

  • Cheap cost of running business: SCAPE Underground is a subsidized indoor retail environment with low set up costs and rent as most retailers are youths, and students in particular. This as a result keeps the cost of selling low and hence, the prices of the products are incredibly low.


  • SCAPE Underground is a spacious indoor retail space with small-scale rental shops selling a wide variety of products. The shops are randomly situated in the shopping space, such that you find the products you want as you move. This is motivated by the fact that the spaces are rented cheaply and on a first come first serve basis, hence the random positioning within the shopping space.
  • SCAPE Underground is part of SCAPE Company, which offers and provides for all needs of its shoppers, from entertainment joints, restaurants, playing areas all at subsidized prices as they are all meant for youth empowerment.
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