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Senoko Fishery Port

  • Senoko Fishery Port
  • Address

    31 Attap Valley Road, Singapore 759908

  • Phone
    +65 62579760 / 62576721
  • Opening hours

    Tue - Sun from 02:00 to 06:00

Senoko Fishery Port is one of the two fishery ports operated by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore. This wholesale fish market gets stocks from local fish trawlers, in-shore vessels and fish farms as well as imported sources, and distributes to markets, supermarkets, food courts and restaurants across Singapore. Besides the fish market, there are other facilities at Senoko Fishery Port, including a canteen where shoppers can have some foods and coffee to boost energy.


  • Venturing into another world of wet market: People may know typical wet markets in Singapore, but not everyone notices the existence of another kind of wet markets, different from what normally seen regarding location, operating hours and on offer products. It is interesting to make an outing to Senoko Fishery Port to take in the bustling picture of a wholesale market, supplying fish and shellfish to Singapore’s food scene. Embarking on this journey involves staying out late, but it is a chance to do things differently, observe and capture frenetic activities at a wet market while the dark of the night is surrounding.

  • Fresh seafood at wholesale prices: Venture and get freshest ingredients for a seafood barbecue. Does it sound good? Choose your favorite seafood after feasting your eyes on an amazing selection of sea creatures, and treat your beloved a seafood party in the afternoon. The good news is its wholesale prices.

Being a wholesale fish market supplying seafood for food courts, restaurants and even wet markets in Singapore, Senoko Fishery Port offers seafood of all types and sizes. You can find there from a wide range of fish to squids, mud crabs, flower crabs, crayfish, prawns, scallops, mussels, clams, cucumbers and many more. These offers come from both the locally caught and imported sources. Two kilograms per type of seafood is the common minimum purchase at this market.

Like any Singapore’s wet markets, Senoko Fishery Port is wet, slippery and crowded. Smell of the sea flying in the air, tons of numerous types of seafood on the floor, traditional weighing scales hanging from the stall beams and fish merchants working with orders. These all make up a labour picture that not everyone has ever seen in his life.


  • The market is accessible by car or taxi.
  • Bring ID to exchange for an entry pass at the security post
  • Cash only
  • Wear shoes with good traction
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