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Seoul Garden at The Clementi Mall (closed)

  • Seoul Garden at The Clementi Mall (closed) Image: Seoul Garden
  • Address
    Seoul Garden @ The Clementi Mall
    3155 Commonwealth Avenue West #05-18/19/20, S129588
  • Phone
    +65 6659 2339
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:30 - 22:30

Started as a fine-dining Korean restaurant, Seoul Garden has switched to a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant to cater for the increasing needs of Korean food lovers. These days, Seoul Garden has become a popular Korean BBQ chain in Singapore. Among its nationwide different outlets, the one at Clementi Mall stands out as a favorite haunt of the young.


  • A two-in-one party: Seoul Garden is where BBQ and steamboat come together. The girll plate is designed to have steamboat section in the middle of its. So diners can enjoy both grilling the meats on hot pan and putting fresh ingredients into the hotpot for a satisfying two-in-one experience.
  • Student meal: Promotion is available for students from Monday to Friday at only $14.99. So students have chances to enjoy free flow Korean food at affordable prices on weekdays from 11:30 to 15:59.
  • Halal-certified foods: Seoul Garden with its Halal-certified foods brings Korean flavors to every gastronomic adventurers.

Food ordering system
The interactive menu used in this restaurant makes food ordering more convenient. Just look for BBQ ingredients on the screens and order through a mouse clicking and your orders will be served at the table. The cooked food and dessert on buffet concept can be taken with no limit.

BBQ ingredients
The meat ranges from teriyaki beef, garlic chicken to many other marinated meats. Seafood choice includes prawns, squids, cockles and clams. Premium seafood like tuna and octopus is charged separately.

Side dishes
There are kimchi, kimchi soup, sushi, pancakes and a variety of deep fried food for you to taste while waiting for next helpings of grilled meats.

Equipped with ice shaver machine, DIY dessert section is where you can make your own ice kachang. Ice cream and a variety of toppings and syrup are presented for a more tasty and colorful kachang.

Must try
Teriyaki beef
– Garlic chicken
– Kimchi
– Kimchi soup

– Monday to Thursday: $20.99 (lunch); $24,99 (dinner)
– Friday to Sunday & PH: $24,99 (lunch); $27,99 (dinner)

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