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  • Singapore Maxicabs Image: Singapore Maxicabs
  • Fleets
    6-seater, 7-seater, 9- seater maxi cab
    13-seater minibus
    Wheelchair maxi cab
    Executive minibus
  • Booking Methods
    Online, Email, Hotline
  • Payment Modes
    Credit cards, Paypal, Cash
  • Transfer to Malaysia

With small beginnings of just two vehicles, Singapore Maxicabs have successfully expanded to serve thousands of happy customers in just 5 years. Catering for airport transfers, VIP customers, events, city tours, and weddings, Singapore Maxicabs will bring you from anywhere, to anywhere.

Customers love their transparency in costs – with no hidden fees or surcharges for public holidays or weekends. What you get quoted is what you pay, no matter what. You can also pay with PayPal, card or cash, giving you the flexibility to use whatever method is convenient for you.

All their vehicles are of the highest quality and comfort, with your safety in mind. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


  • 6-seater taxi: $60 (drop-off), $65 (pickup)
  • 7-seater maxi cab: $55 (drop-off), $60 (pickup)
  • 9-seater maxi cab: $60 (drop-off), $65 (pickup)
  • 13-seater minibus: $65 (drop-off), $70 (pickup)
  • 7-seater wheelchair maxi cab: $65 (drop-off), $70 (pickup)
  • 9-seater wheelchair maxi cab: $75 (drop-off), $80 (pickup)
  • Executive minibus: $75 (drop-off), $80 (pickup)

NOTES: $10 surcharge for midnight booking (24:00 to 06:00)

CANCELLATION TERMS: Contact for information


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