The 5 Best Chocolate Bars in Singapore

  • The 5 Best Chocolate Bars in Singapore Image: Truffs


We know the chocoholic in you is hurry to get a chocolate fix. So a long introduction is not necessary. You’d better scan through the Highlights and pick the place that will fill you with enjoyment and happiness.

1. Club 55

  • Club 55 Image: Club 55


  • All-you-can-eat chocolates and cheeses: Price starts at S$48++ per pax, you can eat all of your favourite cheese and chocolate treats to your heart’s content. This is also why you should come by at this place with an empty stomach to make the most of the buffet. There are over 40 handcrafted chocolate-based desserts and 12 varieties of European cheeses for you to indulge in. On the tables are also loaves to partner with your cheese so that could be a good reason to ditch rice meals for a moment.
  • Amazing variety of chocolate with beautiful flavour contrast: You’ll have your eyes staring back and forth at the buffet table thinking about other chocolates you should try. Dark, milk and white, all the beautiful flavours complete the selection. Turn your appetite up a notch to appreciate the decadent combinations of strawberries and chocolates, cloudy bars with nuts and crumbs, and the silky smooth dips with fresh fruits.
  • Wine or Black Ivory coffee pairing available: Perfect for those who love pairing wines with chocolates and cheeses. Simply ask the sommelier to help you decide which wines are best paired with your dessert plate. The Black Ivory coffee pairing starts at S$66, and you can have the world’s most exotic coffee experience.
  • Fantastic views of the city and sea: The splendid view from the 55 level of Marina Bay Sands infused with the divine chocolates will give you a suger-high-in-the-heights experience. Aside from giving you a great vantage point to take in the Singapore's night cityscapes, dining in The Cheese and Chocolate Bar can also give you the opportunity to walk around the highly photographed infinity pool. Whether you’re eating or walking around the area, you will definitely find yourself at awe of the fantastic views.

2. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier at Robertson Quay

  • Laurent Bernard Chocolatier at Robertson Quay Image: Laurent Bernard Chocolatier


  • A dessert place for all-things chocolate: From pastries, cakes, cookies, mooncakes, bars, lollipops, to cocoa powder, every chocolate dessert of Laurent Bernard is awesome. You will meet all of your favorites such as chocolate tart, chocolate lava cake and hot chocolate, and fall in love with new ones. But most importantly, your senses will have a real feast with the stunning look, chocolatey aroma and rich taste of the sweets here.
  • Perfectly puffed up and fluffy soufflés: It’s the right way to describe a well-done soufflé, really. Fresh from the oven, every soufflé from the wide soufflé collection of Laurent Bernard is a sure treat to the palate. It is rich in flavour, creamy and moist in consistency, and the taste was even made more intense with the accompaniment of a certain sherbet flavour, depending on your order.
  • The best Chocolate Soufflés at Robertson Quay: People specifically drop by at this dessert place for its famous Chocolate Soufflé (S$16.5). It never fails to wow the customers with its high quality chocolate puree, velvety meringue, and creamy raspberry sherbet on the side. All of these are done in less than half an hour so you can only imagine how much dedication the chocolatier must be putting on your chocolate soufflé. Order this and you’ll find heaven on Earth instantly!
  • Chocolate mooncakes for special occasions: Perfect for the mooncake festival, these cakes can be ordered in a box of 8 assorted flavours for S$68. Each cake doesn’t contain lotus paste, but is loaded with chocolate batter on the inside and crispy coating on the outside. It can also be a great gift for your family or friends.
  • Open till late: The bar doesn’t get any better than this especially for people who get a sudden urge to eat chocolate desserts in unexpected times of the day! Laurent Bernard at Robertson Quay is open till midnight from Tuesdays through Thursdays, and until 01:00 every Friday and Saturday.

3. Awfully Chocolate

  • Awfully Chocolate Image: Awfully Chocolate


  • Multi-layered All Chocolate cake: Size ranges from 6 to 8 inches, this multi-layered dark chocolate cake is good for sharing among four persons. This cake features alternate layers of chocolate fudge and cake batter, which is definitely a must-try for fans of dark chocolate. The cake itself melts in the mouth, has the consistency of a Mars chocolate bar on the outside, and hits your palate with a powerful cocoa flavour. Additionally, a richer and smaller version is available in the form of the Super Stacked Chocolate cake.
  • One of Singapore’s best dark chocolate ice creams: Also known as Hei Ice Cream, it is made with natural ingredients containing a mix of 70% Belgian and Awfully’s own cocoa solids, cream, eggs, and milk. Naturally aerated, this premium ice cream is very rich, and dense. This cold dessert is also perfect for customers who wish to sample single or double scoop of dark chocolate ice cream whose flavour is at par with the other well-known ice cream shops in the country.
  • Flourless chocolate cake for people with gluten intolerance: Is All Chocolate too sinful for your liking? Take the pleasure of indulging in dark chocolate cake powdered with icing sugar… but without flour! If ribs should fall off the bone to be considered done perfectly, this cake is beautiful with its crispy crust and moist, dense texture.
  • Chocolate Banana, a staple cake for birthdays: A favourite by countless birthday celebrants, this cake does consist a layer of chocolate filling and banana puree. It comes in two sizes; 6 and 8 inches, so you should be able to share it with a small group of people. Let the staff know that the cake is for a birthday occasion so they will decorate it with an appropriate greeting.
  • Nine outlets to run into: Located across the island are the nine Awfully Chocolate outlets. Each store is easy to access as some are located close to the MRT, in big shopping centres, and one on the popular East Coast Road. So if ever a sudden chocolate craving hits you while shopping in Vivo City or Star Vista, you can easily find its store in any of these places.

4. Max Brenner (Closed)

  • Max Brenner (Closed) Image: Max Brenner (Closed)


  • Vast selection of chocolate-based desserts: A chockfull of chocolate goodies, ranging from the classic cakes, waffles, pizza, cookies, choc bars, fondue, to the DIY food and drink sets such as popsicle chocolate fondue and hot choc shots. Creative and delicious, the chocolate desserts at this chocolate bar will leave the chocoholics stay in love with their favorites forever.
  • ‘Suckao’ is a rare gem: The espresso of the crowd-favourite chocolate drinks, Suckao introduces a new and fun way of drinking hot chocolate. The cup looks similar to an eggshell with two openings at the top where a metal straw rests and a heating pad at the bottom to keep the mixture smooth and hot. It is quite an experience – play a new game with your old friend.
  • The Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake and Shake: The obvious best-seller at Max Brenner, this dessert is worth drooling for, once you see how the thick molten lava is stuffed at the heart of the cake. It also comes with Vanilla Bourbon ice cream and red berries to intensify the alcohol punch. Drink up the iced milk chocolate shot to keep the overwhelming flavour under control.
  • Eat your chocolates the way you like it: There’s enough variation on one serving which gives you that creative freedom to express your chocolate lover side. Simply select those desserts that come in sets like fondue, Suckao hot chocolate, and Max I Scream, and choose which dips you’d like your marshmallows, fruits or ice cream to be coated with.

5. Truffs (Closed)

  • Truffs (Closed) Image: Truffs (Closed)


  • Simple menu for everything to be perfect: The menu may look too straightforward for an exploring foodie, but you will appreciate that there are limited options so you won’t get confused. Gourmet chocolate tarts, cakes, and truffles are made with the finest ingredients from France, just right for a quick fix.
  • Truffles are the stars of the show: The hand-crafted truffles are what make the place famous and people drool over. Each truffle is divine as the rich chocolate ganache is coated with the finest cocoa powder. And what make truffles from this shop even better is its different sweetness levels, set by the percentage of dark chocolate (55%, 66% and 70%) in each sweet ball.
  • Worth-a-try Earl Grey Chocolate Tart: For the fans of chocolate tart and earl grey tea, now is the perfect time to have your hands on the finest treat available on this island. Truffs’ rich and solid rendition won’t disappoint, even just by looking at it in photos. The tart tastes heavenly with its chocolate fudge consistency, mousse, and crispy wafer on its base.
  • Quiet location, sip the stress away with a cup of hot chocolate: Many customers love it here because of its strategic location at a shop house along Telok Ayer. It is a safe haven for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the central business district.

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