The Ramen House

The Ramen House
The Ramen House
Image: The Ramen House
  • Best for
    • Volcano Ramen
    • Late-night dining
  • Prices
    S$12.90 - S$14.90 per ramen bowl
  • Address
    6 Short Street, Singapore 188213
  • Phone
    +65 6697 4992
  • Opening hours
    Daily 11:00 AM – 06:00 AM
  • Website
  • Table reservation
    Book a table
  • Home is where there is no scrimping on ingredients and effort, and that is exactly what you get at The Ramen House. Each bowl of ramen features a delicious orchestra of flavors – broth made from meat and bones delicately boiled for 30 hours. Every strand of ramen noodle has the perfect spring to it – no soggy noodles here!

    The Ramen House takes pride in using only the freshest ingredients and never taking any shortcuts to concoct Japanese recipes that perfectly suit the Singaporean’s palate.


    • 30-hour boiled broth: The Ramen House is dedicated to offering a hearty ramen experience. The 30-hour boiling process guarantees flavour-rich, milky, and smooth broth that deliciously complements the ramen noodles, meat, and vegetables. Their bestseller, Volcano Ramen (S$12.90), is offered in three levels of spiciness, perfect for ramen-lovers with daredevil tastebuds.
    • A wide array of Japanese dishes: More than just ramen, The Ramen House offers a menu with one of the widest assortments of well-loved Japanese dishes in Singapore. Pair your ramen with a few of their bestsellers such as Torched Beef Sushi (S$10.90), Grilled Unagi (S$16.90), and Deep-fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg Yolk (S$9.90).
    • Satisfy midnight cravings: Sometimes, you just can’t help but have a hankering for ramen at 12 midnight—no worries, The Ramen House is open ‘til 6 am. Whether you are a night owl, often do overtime work, or enjoy the Singapore nightlife, a warm bowl of ramen is always easy to get by.

    SOUP BASES: The Ramen House offers soup bases to suit your cravings

    • special shoyu chicken broth
    • beef broth
    • and pork broth.


    • Dry Ramen (Spicy/Non Spicy): S$12.90
    • Volcano Ramen: S$13.90
    • Kimchi w Minced Pork Ramen: S$13.90
    • Mushroom Ramen: S$13.90
    • Pork Belly Ramen: S$13.90
    • Cha Shu Ramen: S$13.90
    • Vegetable Ramen: S$13.90
    • Beef Ramen: S$14.90

    PRE-ORDER: You can easily pre-order your ramen and other Japanese dishes by calling/texting their number or thru WhatsApp.


    • The Ramen House offers free island-wide delivery for orders S$80 and above.
    • Fridays are the busiest, so make it a point to reserve a table ahead of time.
    • Dine-in customers enjoy 1-for-1 beer all night long.


    • Buses: 857, NR6, and 166 (Walk 2 mins from bus stop B07011)
    • Nearest MRT station: Rochor MRT Station (DT13; walk 4 mins from Exit A)
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