Wanderlodge Pet Hotel & Suites

Wanderlodge Pet Hotel & Suites
Wanderlodge Pet Hotel & Suites
Image: Wanderlodge Pet Hotel & Suites
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  • When dogs and cats walk into Wanderlodge, they are treated as part of the family. The facility prides itself on having a cage-free environment with adequate space for the pets to roam around in. Trained staff members are present at all times to monitor and supervise the pets.

    Wanderlodge arranges basic dog training sessions for dogs that board with them. Wanderlodge is ideally located in a peaceful environment close to nature, and the owners reside on the premises. For your peace of mind, there is always a veterinarian on call to attend to any emergencies.


    • Animal guests can roam freely
    • The environment is hygienic and safe
    • There is air-conditioning round the clock
    • Pet parents can make arrangements to view the facility before making a reservation
    • An island-wide pet taxi transport service is available
    • Temperament test compulsory before check-in


    • Professional grooming
    • Pet sitter
    • Private playtime
    • Daily walks for the dogs
    • Games for the cats
    • Vet support
    • Daycare services

    Dog Boarding

    Size of dog Rate per night
    Under 4kg $40
    4Kg-10Kg $45
    10Kg-20Kg $60
    20Kg-30Kg $75
    30Kg-40Kg $80
    Above 40Kg $95

    Cat Boarding: Shared room $50, private suite $80

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