Abba Maintenance Services

Abba Maintenance Services
Abba Maintenance Services
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    Top-quality services at affordable rates
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    10 Anson Road International Plaza, #10-11 Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 079903
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    +65 8862 9623
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  • Founded in 2017, Abba Maintenance Services offer top-notched cleaning facilities with a focus on efficiency and innovation. Their customer services are exemplary and this is why they have over 96% client retention rate. The company offers a large service portfolio that you can select based on your needs and budget.


    • Accredited NEA Biz Safe 3: Abba Maintenance Services has the highest standards of NEA Biz Safe. This is an additional assurance that all their facilities would be focusing on workplace safety requirements and professional principles.
    • Round the clock availability: With a large number of permanent and contractual employees, Abba Maintenance Services offers uninterrupted continuous service. You will find them available for your services even during weekends and public holidays.
    • Offers top-quality services: As one of the leading professional cleaning service providers in Singapore, rest assured that Abba Maintenance Services will provide you with the best service. The company ensures that all employees are well-trained before they are deployed to various sites. With a team of seasoned and well-equipped cleaners at their disposal, you can expect outstanding services from Abba Maintenance Services.
    • Customized plans and affordable rates: The cleaning services available with Abba Maintenance Services are completely customizable according to your specific requirements. Don’t worry about the prices as they offer tough competition to other service providers in the industry.


    • Commercial cleaning
    • Home cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Pest control
    • One-time cleaning
    • Aircon maintenance
    • Disinfection services
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