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Ace Gt
Ace Gt
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  • Best for
    Exterior paint protection
  • Address
    9 Yishun Industrial Street 1
    #01-69/70 North Spring Bizhub
    Singapore 768163
  • Phone
    +65 6710 7793 / +65 9635 5760 (WhatsApp)
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Sat: 09:00 - 18:00
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  • Ace Gt is a full-service groomer that specializes in exterior paint protection and refinishing.

    While their protection services are quite expensive, their cleaning and grooming services are reasonable, especially given the high quality of service provided at Ace Gt.

    What people like

    • Huge variety of options and pricing: Ace Gt has an absolutely enormous offering of services – everything from total car refinishing and paint protection to the most basic tire, window, and glass services, as well as car washes and interior grooming.
    • Professional and respectful staff: Ace Gt is known for having some of the most professional staff among all car grooming services – these employees are dedicated to providing great results, and a smooth, problem-free customer experience.
    • Specialized knowledge: The staff at Ace Gt are deeply knowledgeable about different kinds of cars, paints, and finishes, and always customize service packages appropriately – every car is different, and at Ace Gt, you’ll never get a “One-Size-Fits-All” treatment.

    PACKAGES AND PRICING: Pricing of packages varies depending on sizes and car models – below is a range.

    • High Definition wash & express wax ($68.00 – $148.00): This package includes a basic wash and wax for quick, basic detailing.
    • High Definition speed polish & wax ($140.00 – $218.00): This package includes only polishing and waxing.
    • Interior basic cleaning & conditioning ($80.00 – $178.00): This package includes surface cleaning, vacuuming, and basic interior detailing.
    • Interior deep cleaning & conditioning ($170.00 – $338.00): This package includes leather care, deep cleaning of interior surfaces, and metal/glass polishing, detailing, and protection.
    • 3D High Definition paint restoration ($320.00 – $580.00): This exterior coating uses a ceramic paint protection product to help restore and protect exterior paint.

    Beyond cleaning, polishing, and waxing services, Ace Gt offers a huge variety of finishing and protection packages, both for interiors and exteriors. These packages are meant to protect the interior and exterior of your car from the elements, and from damage – but they’re likely a bit expensive for most day-to-day customers who are just interested in finishing and grooming services.

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