AZ Movers & Traders: Electrical Services

AZ Movers & Traders: Electrical Services
AZ Movers & Traders: Electrical Services
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  • AZ Movers & Traders offers a comprehensive range of electrical services tailored to both residential and commercial clients in Singapore. Their offerings typically encompass installation, repair, and maintenance of various electrical components such as lighting fixtures, outlets, switches, and circuit breakers. Additionally, they provide rewiring services for older buildings or those undergoing renovations to bring electrical systems up to current safety standards.

    What people like

    • Affordable electrical solutions: AZ Movers & Traders provides cost-effective electrical services, ensuring you save money without the hassle of purchasing extra equipment. Their experienced electricians in Singapore have years of expertise, allowing them to minimize your expenses by utilizing appropriate tools and equipment for the job.
    • Skilled and efficient electricians: AZ Movers & Traders stands out with its team of knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient electricians. They prioritize punctuality and exceeding customers’ expectations, along with delivering cost-efficient and labour-efficient services.
    • 24-hour electrical service: The company offers round-the-clock support for electrical emergencies, ensuring peace of mind for residents and businesses alike. Their dedicated team of professionals responds promptly


    • Residential Electrical Services
    • Commercial Electrical Services
    • Light Installation
    • Switch Installation
    • Power Socket Installation
    • Ceiling Fan Installation
    • Electrical Wiring
    • Rewiring Services
    • Circuit Breaker Installation
    • Electrical Distribution Board Services

    SERVICE COST: Contact the company directly to request a quote.

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