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    Web-based companies
  • Address
    23 New Industrial Rd, 07-04 Solstice Business Center, Singapore 536209
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    +65 6299 4730
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    Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm
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  • Bestar is an award-winning company located in Singapore that offers you a variety of services such as accounting, HR support and more. You’ll appreciate that Bestar Corporation offers free bookings to identify your needs for your company.

    The team at Bestar is friendly, helpful and extremely efficient at what they do so you’re guaranteed top-notch services. For company registration, this service provider offers affordable packages that are suitable for start-up companies on a budget.


    • Quality services: The company works closely with you to ensure they’re providing you with the requirements you need to get your business registered.
    • Offers multiple business support services: So if you’re looking for a company that provides various services with deep industry expertise then Bestar is for you. The company provides HR support, accounting and financial advising.
    • Quick and efficient: If you want fast processes to get your start-up company running then choose Bestar. The team is efficient in registering your company without hassle.


    • Standard package: This package includes a business profile, application of a banking account, 12 months of company secretary services and first board resolution.
    • Incorporating your company: You get a company name, principle activities, directors ID, shareholders ID and paid-up capital.


    • The company incorporation package: $650 plus GST
    • Includes 1-hour introductory meeting
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