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  • Website isn’t a car rental agency itself – rather, it’s an online service that you can use to compare rates from over 50 different car rental agencies in Singapore. The website is a great tool to use if you’re on a strict budget and can’t afford to miss out on a great deal. has been featured in publications like CNET and TechCrunch as one of the most innovative platforms in Asia, and it is easy to use, and gives you fantastic deals.


  • A helpful website for comparing rates and choosing the cheapest car rental: Since you can view rentals from over 50 companies, you’ll get a great idea of how much you should be paying, and have plenty of rental options to choose from.
  • Besides price, you can also select the most convenient pickup location: With over 50 rental agencies partnered with, there are plenty of places you can pick up your rental.
  • You can find the car that suits your needs best: If you want to rent a specific model, or a car that’s best for a trip to Malaysia, or that has above a certain rating, you can use to search for appropriate cars.


  • Budget car fleet: Hyundai Getz, Toyota Vios, Nissan Sunny, Nissan Latio, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Spark 0.8, Mitsubishi Lancer GLX, Mazda 3 – varies depending on renter
  • Budget car rental rates: S$65/day, discounts available depending on individual renter for long-term rental
  • Budget car leasing rates: Varies depending on lease provider
  • Is driving to Malaysia allowable? Yes, unless marked otherwise. Excess charges vary depending on specific renter.


  • Rental requirements: Driver’s license, Singapore ID. Rental options vary from probation to 2+ years’ experience. Options for under 23 years of age are available.
  • Insurance provided: Depends on specific renter. Check descriptions of rental for details.
  • Deposit required: Up to S$200. See individual car rental page for details.
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