5 Best Cheap Car Rental Services in Singapore 2020

  • 5 Best Cheap Car Rental Services in Singapore 2020

Although we can travel to almost everywhere in Singapore using its sophisticated public transport system, we still love to rent or lease a car for the convenience, business purpose, or just a simple reason – moving in style.

And renting a car in Singapore is pretty easy because there are a myriad of car renting service providers including top-tier international companies like Budget or Hertz. However, renting from these famous names can cost you quite a bit more than renting from local services.

Luckily, Singapore has plenty of lower-budget car leasing services, so if you’re looking to get into a smaller, somewhat less luxurious car at a great price, you’ve got many options. We’re going to take a look at five of Singapore’s best budget car rental services [updated 2020], and talk about the benefits, renting information and cost of each choice.

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1. Asia Express Car Rental

  • Asia Express Car Rental Image: Asia Express Car Rental


  • Plenty of choices: Asia Express Car Rental doesn’t just have lower budget rental options, but also more high-end models like BMW and Nissan, if you’re looking for a great deal on a higher-end car. In addition, they have multiple budget options for under S$75/day giving you a large variety of choices even for low cost cars.
  • Locations all around the city: Asia Express has many facilities around Singapore, making pickup and drop-off convenient and easy.
  • Peace of mind while driving: Asia Express is known for high reliability, and if you do happen to break down, 24 hour Emergency Breakdown Service is available at no extra cost, and you’ll be set up with an available replacement vehicle, if available.

2. Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals

  • Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals Image: Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals


  • Affordable and reliable: Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals’ long term car leasing service has been known to be popular and reliable to many foreigners, locals and expats working in Singapore. With both long-term and short-term car rental deals, Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals will tailor each lease to fit your requirements.

  • Wide fleet of cars for your perfect fit: Find your perfect ride with Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals, with over 5 groups of fleets to suit different needs. Whether you are looking for a Honda Civic, or an executive BMW or need a commercial van, they’ve got you covered. With a range of prices, spacious capacity and model choices, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing a car.

  • Many budget long-term car rental options: Besides top luxury cars like Mercedes and BMW, Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals has a wide selection of budget cars available for long term leasing. They also offer a variety of low-priced monthly car rental packages for company, personal or Grab/Gojek usage.

  • Free pickup and delivery service for your convenience: Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals will bring the car to your doorstep for your comfort and hassle-free rental. Done with your rental? Save yourself time and arrange for their drivers to pick it up for you.

3. Eazi Car Leasing & Marketing

  • Eazi Car Leasing & Marketing Image: Eazi Car Leasing


  • Good promotions are offered on holidays: Eazi Car Leasing is a very popular choice for holidays, especially Chinese New Year, due to the variety of special discounts and packages offered for rentals – up to 5-10% off a car rental.
  • All cars can be driven to Malaysia: A charge of up to S$30 may be applied, depending on calendar dates of departure and arrival.
  • Delivery and pickup options: For a fee adjustable depending on time and distance, Eazi Car will deliver or pick up your rental, so it’s very convenient.

4. My Car Rental


  • Excellent Full-Service-Leasing-Program: This leasing package is very popular among expatriates and corporate customers. It includes use of a vehicle for a fixed period of time, complete with full-service care and replacement of car parts and servicing for the car at a fixed price. If something goes wrong, My Car Rental will fix it at no extra cost to you, making this a great way to have a car for an extended period of time while avoiding the costly pitfalls and inconveniences associated with car ownership.
  • Hybrid and electric cars available: If you are looking for a car that will use less gas, or simply wish to help protect the environment, My Car Rental is recommended. It is one of the first agencies that provide hybrids and electric cars for rental in Singapore.

5. Drive.sg

  • Drive.sg Image: Drive.sg


  • A helpful website for comparing rates and choosing the cheapest car rental: Since you can view rentals from over 50 companies, you’ll get a great idea of how much you should be paying, and have plenty of rental options to choose from.
  • Besides price, you can also select the most convenient pickup location: With over 50 rental agencies partnered with Drive.sg, there are plenty of places you can pick up your rental.
  • You can find the car that suits your needs best: If you want to rent a specific model, or a car that’s best for a trip to Malaysia, or that has above a certain rating, you can use Drive.sg to search for appropriate cars.

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