Earth Interior Design

Earth Interior Design
Earth Interior Design
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    289 Beach Rd, Singapore 199552
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    +65 6493 5188
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    Mon to Thu 11:00-20:30
    Fri and Sun 11:00-17:30
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  • Earth Interior Design is a full-service interior design company based in Singapore. Its team of certified experts received numerous accolades thanks to their unique design solutions that focus on their customer’s needs. For instance, Earth Interior Design won the “Nippon Paint Preferred Designers” award, “Singapore Quality Brand” Award, “Asia Pacific Brand Award,” while the “Top Design and Build” Award is the most recent one.


    • Combines elegance with everyday needs: The company takes pride in its ability to combine creativity and imagination to create practical yet artistic interior designs. This is ideal for anyone who needs an elevated interior design without compromising convenience.
    • Detailed 3D visualization tools: Earth Interior Design has a dedicated team of 3D artists and specialists. They will work with you throughout the process to determine the best choices for your personal space combining bespoke requirements with creativity and uniqueness.
    • Ideal for space planning: The company understands the importance of space planning. You can benefit from a careful arrangement of your building, maximizing the space available. Its specialists combine different elements, including furniture placement, to fulfill your needs.


    • Interior design and renovation for condominium, commercial, or residential buildings
    • Bespoke furnishing
    • Interior decoration


    • Available via an online quote 
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