Execute Pest Control

Execute Pest Control
Execute Pest Control
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    201 Henderson Road, #07-02, Singapore 159545, APEX @ Henderson
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  • Execute Pest Control is one of the experienced car fumigation service providers in Singapore. They take full responsibility for their services and conduct a scheduled spot-check to ensure that the treatment provided was adequate for the long term.

    The whole process of fumigation takes as low as 45 minutes, and it ends up with no bad smell or even stains in the interior of your vehicle. Thanks to the chemicals they use for the fumigation services, they are entirely safe, and they even present the safety data sheets.

    The staff at Execute Pest Control is friendly and responsive. They are also operative 24 hours and seven days a week, which means you can visit them any time as per your convenience.


    • The chemicals used for car fumigation by Execute Pest Control are entirely safe and do not leave any foul smell or stains in the area.
    • The staff at Execute Pest Control is efficient, and the whole process of car fumigation takes 45 to 60 minutes with high effectiveness.
    • The company also offers scheduled spot checks, which aims to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the car fumigation process.
    • Execute Pest Control is one of the few service providers in Singapore that operates around the clock seven days a week.


    • Termite control services
    • Car fumigation services
    • Commercial pest control services
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