5 Best Financial Advisors in Singapore 2023: Reliable Advisors

Best Financial Advisors in Singapore
Best Financial Advisors in Singapore

Whether you are super rich or simply planning to save for your future, a financial advisor will be the need of time. Companies and individuals offering such services will help you better invest your savings while eliminating or minimizing any possible financial risk.

Many of us think that financial advisory is only needed for large companies. However, in today’s highly volatile economic markets, engaging a financial advisor has become inevitable to avoid any risk that may turn down the game.

No matter you have a financial background or not, finding a reliable financial advisor is tricky. Our team has prepared a list of 5 best financial advisors in Singapore [updated 2023] to make it easy for you. Let’s take a look!

1. Expat Advisory Group

Expat Advisory Group Image: Expat Advisory Group
  • Best for
    Life and health insurance
  • Address
    78 Shenton Way, Singapore 079120
  • Phone
    +65 6511 8805
  • Website
  • Email
  • With over 35 years of experience, Expat Advisory Group is one of the most reputed financial advisors in Singapore, praised by thousands. The company has helped both local and international clients with wealth management, investment planning and other similar issues. The expert and talented professionals at Expat Advisory Group offers personalized and inclusive solutions as per your specific needs.


    • Offers comprehensive financial services: Expat Advisory Group presents the whole range of financial services for individuals and corporations. This ranges from wealth management to tax efficiency, retirement planning, investment decisions and others.
    • Serves both local and international clients: Whether you plan to invest your savings within Singapore or have plans to take them abroad, Expat Advisory Group has the right capability to give the best solution. They have been serving both domestic and expatriate customers for years.
    • Covers life and health insurance: Besides financial advisory, Expat Advisory Group also offers life and health insurance plan for businesses and individual clients. Specifically, for business, you can get their services to attract talent.
    • Proposes inclusive education plans: Do you have a wish to send your child abroad for higher studies? At Expat Advisory Group, they can estimate the educational expense of all countries along with a solid financial plan to make this happen.


    • Multi-currency wealth management
    • Retirement planning & pension transfers
    • University fee planning
    • International and multi-currency mortgages
    • Legacy planning, trusts & wills
    • Tax efficiency
    • Business owners’ solutions
    • Life and health insurance

    2. Providend

  • Best for
    MAS certified services
  • Address
    No.38 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089616
  • Phone
    +65 6309 2488
  • Website
  • Email
  • Are you busy and don't have time to visit a financial advisor every other day to keep up with your financial plans? If this is the case, Providend might be the place you're looking for. They offer wide-ranging services and unbeatable prices with well-trained and knowledgeable financial experts.


    • Certified by Monetary Authority Singapore: Providend has MAS certification, indicating the authenticity and high quality of its services. With this, you can be sure that the investment advice provided by the company are entirely legit.
    • Has no hidden charges: Providend operates at a fee-only with no involvement of any hidden charges. This means, unlike other advisors, they do not accept any compensations for the products, and you will have all their loyalty without any conflict.
    • Offering estate planning services: Providend provides financial and investment advice for real estate as one of their unique services. This specific area requires a high level of expertise that Providend is available with.
    • Always advocates transparency and ethical conduct: Providend has been admired by many agencies and individual clients for ensuring an honest approach to wealth management. This remained consistent even during the financial crisis.


    • Wealth management services
    • Investment management services
    • Risk mitigation planning
    • Estate planning

    3. Global Financial Consultants

    Global Financial Consultants
  • Best for
    Pension plans for seniors
  • Address
    14 Robinson Road, #10-01 Far East Finance Building, 048545
  • Phone
    +65 6532 2711
  • Website
  • Email
  • Global Financial Consultants is best known for providing competitive financial solutions for investment, education and retirement. Instead of offering any fixed plans or generalized services, their experts will always consider your specific requirements and services tailored accordingly. On top of this, they also provide inclusive insurance plans to protect your income.


    • Offers all-encompassing insurance plans: Besides providing you with top-notched financial advice, Global Financial Consultants also offer insurance plans. This will help you to protect your hard-earned income from any possible risk.
    • Provides detailed pension plans for seniors: If you plan for your retirement, Global Financial Consultants would be a breeze for you. With their customized pension plans, you can stay out of any tension of your days after your job.
    • Carries more than two decades of experience: When it comes to assessing the reliability of a financial service provider, nothing other works better than their experience. Global Financial Consultants have 26 years of experience, which is proof of their high-quality services.
    • Customized investment and insurance plans: Unlike other financial service providers operating in the market, Global Financial Consultants treat each client separately. The financial advice provided to you will be based on your scenario, and it won’t be influenced by the general trend of the market.


    • Savings and investment services
    • Insurance and protection services
    • Education planning services
    • Retirement planning services
    • CPF investment services
    • UK SIPP and pension transfer services
    • Legacy and succession planning services
    • Tax-consultancy services

    4. Synergy

  • Best for
    Property insurance
  • Address
    229 Mountbatten Road#03-30 Mountbatten Square, Singapore 398007
  • Phone
    +65 6654 1888
  • Website
  • Partnered with accredited investors, Synergy is an award-winning financial advisor passionate about offering investment support to individual and corporate clients. Including investment funds, disability insurance and wealth management, Synergy offers specifically developed solutions for each client. Maintaining the business stability, they also provide inclusive financial coverage, which will undoubtedly be a sigh of relief.


    • Has partnership with accredited investors: Synergy has collaborated with certified investors across Singapore. With this aspect, you can be sure that your investment will not have any legal risk.
    • Offers policies for personal and property insurance: A solid financial plan remains incomplete without private and property insurance. Synergy understands this very well, and this is why they offer competitive insurance plans as well.
    • Maintains confidentiality and privacy: When it comes to the discretion of your personal data, Synergy performs above and beyond. They have been recently awarded Data Protection Trustmark for their responsible and ethical services.
    • Professional and efficient staff: You will find almost all of the company’s existing customers praising the promptness of their response time. With all of your requests, their well-informed staff will get back to you within minutes.


    • General insurance services
    • Life insurance solutions
    • Health and disability solutions
    • Investment solutions
    • Business keyman protection
    • Business buy-in funding

    5. Singapore Financial Planner

    Singapore Financial Planner
  • Best for
    Unbiased financial advice
  • Address
    10 Anson Road, #33-03 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
  • Phone
    +65 NA
  • Website
  • Email
  • To educate the customers about the importance of ethics in financial planning, Singapore Financial Planner is among the highly recognized players in the market. With their years of expertise, they offer multiple solutions for you to make informed decisions. They have networks of financial experts from around the globe to guide you the best.


    • Provides unbiased financial advice: Many financial advisors in Singapore are biased to specific plans and investment options. Contrarily, Singapore Financial Planner offers impartial economic opinion based on your needs.
    • Have an extensive knowledge base to educate the customers: The website of Singapore Financial Planner is a whole book of knowledge for investment or insurance planning. It offers all the necessary information for you to understand the norms.
    • Offers critical illness insurance: One of their unique services is critical illness insurance that provides complete coverage of any disease. This will help you to stay calm if, God forbids, you get a chronic ailment.
    • Presents client-focused solutions: Dissimilar to other players who have their own setup for financial planning, Singapore Financial Planner connects you with top-class advisors from around the country. They offer impartial and client-centred service custom-made to your individual needs.


    • Health insurance
    • Personal accident insurance
    • Maternity insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Critical illness insurance
    • Disability insurance
    • Investment plans
    • Retirement plans
    • Savings plans

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