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Fortuna Hu
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    23 Defu Lane 6, Singapore 539376
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    +65 9238 3550
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  • Fortuna Hu provides various services in Singapore, one of which is painting. They mostly focus on house painting, from basic whitewash to more intricate brick wall painting. They also offer moving and cleaning services, so you can find everything in one place if you’re moving into a new home and looking to paint it.

    What people like

    • Competitive prices with free quotes: Fortuna Hu offers competitive prices. The total cost varies by the scope of the job. However, they provide a free quote on call, so customers can conveniently decide whether their services are within their budget. You can call them, answer their questions, describe the job, and get a quote quickly. 
    • All types of painting services offered: The painting experts at Fortuna Hu understand that different surfaces require different paints. They can undertake virtually all painting jobs, including walls, cabinets, furniture, doors, decks, fences, banisters, ceilings, and roofs. You don’t have to hire different companies for different paint jobs; you can hire the same contractor for all your house painting needs.
    • Professional advice on paints: Choosing the right paint for your home can be daunting, given the variety available. The painters at Fortuna Hu can guide you and help you find the best paint that meets your requirements and is safe to use within your home.


    • Interior house painting (Rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, etc.)
    • Exterior house painting (External walls, roofs, doors, sheds, decks, fence, etc.)
    • Prices vary by job, contact to get a free quote.
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