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Getz Cleanz
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    Certified cleaning services
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    10 Ubi Crescent, Ubi Tech Park, #05-32, Lobby B Singapore 408564
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    +65 6970 9566
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  • Getz Cleanz has served over 350+ corporate clients in Singapore with their professional cleaning services. Putting customers at the heart of everything they do, Getz Cleanz exclusively focuses on staff’s skills and expertise. This is why the company operates only with licenced workers while maintaining all proficient job safety’s standards.


    • The whole crew is WSQ certified: Getz Cleanz pride itself being few within Singapore who have WSQ licensed crew to offer the finest quality commercial cleaning services. Offering you a clean and pleasant working environment would be their professionals’ top priority.
    • Focuses on job safety and legal requirements: Many of us would be unaware of the legislative hassle that one may have to follow in case of any injury happened during the job. With Getz Cleanz, you don’t need to worry about this as they maintain the highest safety standards and their staff is covered under the Workmen Compensation Act & Public Liability Act.
    • Follow-ups to ensure the highest quality: At Getz Cleanz, the professional is concerned about their service class and this is why they will often ask you even after days of service provision. They are passionate about identifying their weaknesses and would quickly respond to make things following your requirements.
    • Accessible as and when needed: With Getz Cleanz, you don’t have to worry about the non-professional cleaners’ availability due to any reason. They have spare staff available on roasters that will respond to your needs even during the weekends and holidays.


    • Disinfection services
    • Commercial/Office cleaning services
    • Dormitory cleaning services
    • School cleaning services
    • Daycare cleaning services


    • Office once a week: $300/month with 2 hours per session
    • Office twice a week: $500/month with 2 hours per session
    • Office premium once a week: $410/month with 3 hours per session
    • Office premium twice a week: $610/month with 3 hours per session
    • Office premium thrice a week: $910/month with 3 hours per session
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