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A one-stop shop for all household and commercial requirements, Joydom Engineering provides an exhaustive list of services to solve all of customer issues, big or small. Focusing on customer satisfaction, innovation and teamwork are the foundation of running their business.

What people like

  • Versatile provider of services: Whether you require furniture assembly, TV bracket installation or polish-work, Joydom Engineering will examine any service you require and provide the best work they can to finish the task efficiently.

  • Handy promotions to cut your costs: Sometimes, handyman work is not cheap! So, Joydom Engineering frequently runs special offers on their website to ease the damage on your wallet. Check their website for current offers before you ring for a service.

  • Many years of consistent experience: Since opening their doors in 2011, Joydom Engineering has established their name as a reliable handyman brand in Singapore and has built a solid repertoire of loyal clientele.

Including but not limited to:

  • Installation of shelving units
  • Installation of TV mount bracket
  • Installation of cooker hood
  • Installation of PVC shower door
  • Polish work
  • Demolition of dry wall
  • Furniture assembly

SERVICE COST: Enquire on their website for an accurate quote

PHONE: (65) 8163 2621

ADDRESS: 5 Little Road, #03-01 Cemtex Industrial Building, Singapore 536983



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