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Little Locksmith

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    SERVICES: Little Locksmith provides residential, commercial, emergency and car locksmith services including:

    • Emergency locked out services/Unlock door service
    • Repairing locks
    • Door lock installation/replacement services
    • Cabinet/drawer lock installation/replacement
    • Gate lock installation/replacement
    • Letterbox lock replacement
    • Repairing jammed doors
    • Repairing access lock controls
    • Regain car access


    • Emergency locksmith services
    • Installation and replacement of door, gate and letterbox locks
    • Unlock door services


    • Unlock main door lock: From $60
    • Replace main door lock: From $180 to $250
    • Unlock room door/toilet door: From $50
    • Replace door knob: From $90
    • Unlock gate lock: From $60
    • Replace gate lock lock: From ($180 to $250)
    • Unlock cabinet door: From $50
    • Replace letterbox key hole lock: From $60

    CONTACT: (+65) 6653 6259 or email


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