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  • Target Audience
    Professionals looking for a serious relationship
  • Platform
    iOS and Android
  • Website
  • This dating app was created by the largest online dating agency in Singapore, which is Lunch Actually. LunchClick has a rigorous registration process with background checks to avoid any deception. The app focuses on getting its members to have an offline date without much small talk as most of its members are working professionals. The app sends one match to its users daily.

    What people like

    • Meticulous registration process: When signing up, users will have to answer a lot of questions. The LunchClick staff will also run a background check before confirming your registration. This process ensures that all profiles are as real as possible and it diminishes lies and fake profiles that users of other dating apps encounter.
    • Pool of serious professionals: Most users of LunchClick are professionals who want a serious relationship. They are mostly straight to the point, not some bored people looking for a quick chat. There is no chat or swipe function in the app in order to discourage unnecessary chitchat.
    • Love assistants: LunchClick has a dedicated team of love assistants you can chat with that can give you advice on anything. The love assistants also provide other services like manual matchmaking, profile analysis etc.

    You download the app and fill in a lot of vital information. You then wait for some hours while a background check on you is run. After your profile is approved, you get one potential match daily. You can choose to accept or reject the match. When you accept a match, a date is set up between both of you in a physical location.

    Ordinary users get a free daily match while premium users get two matches sent to them daily for one week. Premium features start at US$6.99 (S$9.42) while other packages are available from S$109 to S$269. These other packages include features like three daily dates, dating consultants etc.

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