Maria Micha’s Counseling Center

Maria Micha’s Counseling Center
Maria Micha’s Counseling Center
Image: Maria Micha's Counseling Center
  • Best for
    Hypnotherapy and visualization techniques
  • Address
    545, Orchard Rd, Far East Shopping Center, 13-10 Singapore, Singapore 238882
  • Phone
    +65 8189 6386
  • Opening hours
    Mon to Fri 11:30-21:00
    Sat 09:00-13:00
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  • Maria Micha has more than 2 decades of experience in psychotherapy, counseling, hypnotherapy, and visualization techniques. She has a proven track record of helping clients stop harmful addictions and habits that lead to strained relationships, low productivity, and poor mental health. During her career, Maria Micha collaborated with numerous executives and managers, families, children, and other individuals, providing counseling services that solved a myriad of challenges and issues.


    • Specialized in hypnotherapy and visualization techniques: Maria Micha’s experience in this field helps her clients change starting from the unconscious level. The benefits of this approach are multiple, including leading to permanent changes and quicker results.
    • Utmost confidentiality for all correspondence: Clients contacting the clinic are treated with respect. Conversations are conducted in a professional yet relaxed and confidential environment, and nothing is shared or discussed with anyone else.
    • Expertise in helping managers and executives in Asia: Maria Micha has experience assisting numerous clients in Asia to solve their professional issues. She is extremely passionate about aiding people to grow and thrive in their organizational environment. Some of the most notable companies she worked for include PayPal, Apple, Toshiba, Microsoft, and Lego.


    • Depression
    • Marriage counseling
    • Sexual and emotional abuse
    • Anxiety
    • Corporate training
    • Addiction
    • Anger and stress management
    • Life coaching
    • Divorce
    • Smoking cessation
    • Weight loss
    • Self-esteem issues
    • Third culture children issues
    • Grief and loss
    • OCD
    • Bipolar disorder
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