Singapore Door Repair Service

Singapore Door Repair Service
Singapore Door Repair Service
Image: Singapore Door Repair Service
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    Tackle lock problems
  • Address
    126 Joo Seng Road Gold Pine Industrial, Singapore 368355
  • Phone
    +65 6280 4615
  • Opening hours
    Daily 8am - 8pm
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  • Singapore Door Repair Service is among the most favoured door services in Singapore. Their technicians' area of expertise is pretty extensive, and their service is top-notch. For these and many other reasons, they continuously gain trust and high rates from clients they assisted.

    What people like:

    • Excellent locksmiths: Singapore Door Repair Service is often praised as skilful locksmiths. They may be able to unblock your door without forcing their way in, for example. Because of their reputation, customers entrust them with replacing locks on multiple doors when renovating personal spaces.
    • Timely assistance: Door serviceman may show up in a short time once you make the initial contact. Sometimes, they may need no more than a few hours for that. So, if you are dealing with a door or gate issue that can’t wait, consider hiring Singapore Door Repair Service to solve the problem.
    • Quick repair: Another thing this outstanding service provider’s handymen excel at is a fast and thorough repair. Whether it is about door adjustment or frame replacement, automatic door fixing, changing broken glass, or something else, rest assured that you are in good hands.
    • Affordable parts: Reasonably-priced parts are another benefit that makes this well-established company stand out among many competitors.

    For the price estimate, you would likely need to arrange an on-site inspection. Only in specific circumstances, Singapore Door Repair Service’s members may state the cost via e-mail.

    Also, note that you are subject to transport fees when hiring the business’s mechanics. These range from S$20 to S$40, depending on your location.


    • Main and room doors
    • Folding and sliding doors
    • Glass doors
    • Door close and floor spring
    • Lock
    • Frame
    • Automatic doors
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