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    6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central, Singapore 059817
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    (65) 6221 8626
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To many local and expat families as well as organizations, Whissh is the house cleaning service of choice. The experience this company has under their belt includes maintaining clean and comfortable living or working environment for a great deal of houses, HDBs, condominiums and offices in Singapore. They even service a few luxury yachts transiting through Singapore water.

Following this success, Whissh has expanded its business to deliver more – laundry, plumbing, aircon servicing, and electrical maintenance now can be booked with just a phone call to their office.


  • Cleaning sessions can be scheduled after office hours without any extra charge: Whissh offers its customers three different time slots to choose from: morning (08:30 – 12:30), afternoon (14:30 – 18:30), and evening (18:30 – 22:30). The evening session is just prefect for those who can’t manage to open the house doors for the cleaning staff at any time during office hours.
  • Booking can be done via mobile app: With Whissh, ways of requesting a cleaning session go well beyond making a phone call through hotline or submitting an online request on web. Convenience comes from placing orders through the company’s easy-to-use app and making payment via credit card or Paypal. Those need regular cleaning sessions will find it helpful a lot.
  • Quick response to customers’ requests on online platforms: Whether you just need a quote or want to book an one-time or regular cleaning service, Whissh staff will get back to you and assist your need within one working day.

Each time coming for one-time or regular cleaning, the cleaner will perform work that covers:

  • Living room and Bedrooms (dust all accessible surface and celling fans, wipe the exterior of cabinets and built-in wardrobe, vacuum carpets and floor, mop floor, and empty trash bins)
  • Kitchen (clean the exterior of appliance and refrigerator, clean kitchen hob (stove), wash and scrub sink and faucets, wipe counters and cabinets, sweep/vacuum floor, and mop floor)
  • Bathrooms (clean mirrors, and wash and scrub shower area, toilet bowl, sinks, faucets, floors, and toilet wall tiles)


  • Weekly Cleaning: $100 per 4-hour session. Monthly cleaning that comprises of four 4-hour sessions ($400). Current promotion (ends Nov 2017): $95 per 4-hour session ($380).
  • One-Time General Cleaning: Click here to ask for a quote online or call (65) 6221 8626 to have Whissh’s staff assisted your need.
  • Move In/ Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning and Post Renovation Cleaning: Call (65) 6221 8626 for a quote. 


  1. Whissh service crew conform strictly to regulatory requirements including CPF, health care, and other requirements in Singapore.
  2. All the cleaning staff has undergone a series of training, including customer service training, technical cleaning training and on-the-job training.
  3. Whissh service crew are medically screened by Raffles Medical Group and free from criminal records.
  4. Whissh service crew and customers’ houses are insured (up to $250,000) against unfortunate injuries or damages.


  • Regular home cleaning customers are required to provide the cleaner with cleaning equipment and solutions.
  • Ironing, window and window grilles cleaning services can be arranged as and when required.
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