Whissh Home Cleaning Service

Whissh Home Cleaning Service
Whissh Home Cleaning Service
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  • To many local and expat families as well as organizations in UK and Singapore, Whissh is the trusted provider of home and office services. The range of services includes cleaning, disinfection, aircon, laundry, etc... The company is widely known to have placed huge emphasis on professional and quality service.

    The company continues to make steady progress. They provide competitive and valuable services to maintaining a clean and comfortable living or working environment for plenty of houses, HDBs, condominiums, and offices in Singapore.


    • Industry First – Eco-Friendly service provider: Whissh prides themselves as the first in the Industry to use Eco-Friendly products for all of their services.  Formulated and imported from their European office, the products are certified by EU Ecolabel’s stringent environmental requirement and Singapore National Environment Agency’s safety standard.  They are made from bio-degradable plant origins such as corn, sugar beet, and potato.  Their products are child and pet friendly and available for sale on their website.
    • High quality and trained crews:  With their own trained staff and industry-first dedicated Service Assurance Team, Whissh is oft-known to be No. 1 Home and Office Service Providers. Whissh serviced quality homes and offices across the Island, including many in Sentosa Cove and Bukit Timah Region. They even serve luxury yachts transiting through Singapore water.
    • Fully integrated service provider: Whissh has expanded its services to include Laundry, Plumbing, Aircon Servicing, Electrical Maintenance, etc. Booking for those services can be done online or a phone call away.

    CLEANING JOB SCOPE (Weekly Home Cleaning Service):
    Each time coming for weekly home cleaning (4 hours per session), the service crew will perform work that covers:

    • Living room and Bedrooms: Dust all accessible surface and ceiling fans, wipe the exterior of cabinets and built-in wardrobe, vacuum carpets and floor, mop floor, and empty trash bins
    • Kitchen: Clean the exterior of appliance and refrigerator, clean kitchen hob (stove), wash and scrub sink and faucets, wipe counters and cabinets, sweep/vacuum floor, and mop floor
    • Bathrooms: Clean mirrors, and wash and scrub shower area, toilet bowl, sinks, faucets, floors, and toilet wall tiles
    • Doing of laundry using the washing machine as well as clothes ironing service can be included upon request
    • Window cleaning can be arranged every quarterly

    *Service crew may or may not be able to perform all scope of the cleaning, it is mainly dependent on the state of cleanliness of the property.


    • Weekly Cleaning (Once a week): $110 per 4-hour session. Monthly cleaning that comprises of four 4-hour sessions ($440).
    • Weekly Cleaning (Twice a week): $100 per 4-hour session. Monthly cleaning that comprises of eight 4-hour sessions ($800).
    • Weekly Cleaning (Thrice a week): $95 per 4-hour session. Monthly cleaning that comprises of twelve 4-hour sessions ($1,140).
    • One – Time General Cleaning: $120 (weekday) and $130 (weekend).
    • One–Time Thorough Deep Cleaning (Move In/ Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, and Post Renovation Cleaning): Click here to ask for a quote online or call (+65) 6221 8626 to seek advice from a home service specialist from Whissh.


    1. Whissh service crew conforms strictly to regulatory requirements including CPF, health care, and other requirements in Singapore.
    2. All the cleaning staff has undergone a series of training, including customer service training, technical cleaning training, and on-the-job training.
    3. Whissh service crew is medically screened and free from criminal records.
    4. Whissh service crew and customers’ houses are insured (up to $250,000) against unfortunate injuries or damages.


    • Regular Cleaning and One-Time General Cleaning Service: to be provided by clients.
    • One-Time Through Deep Cleaning Service (Move In/ Out Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, and Post Renovation Cleaning): to be provided by Whissh.
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