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The Sustainable Singapore Gallery and Marina Barrage invites you to the National Day celebrations on Wednesday, 9 August from 12PM.

This year, the theme of our celebrations focuses on building a Resilient Future, a key pillar in Singapore’s Green Plan 2030.

Join us for a variety of exciting interactive activities, and at the same time, find out about our efforts in strengthening climate resilience and enhancing food security.


Join us at the Marina Barrage Green Roof for the live screening of the National Day Parade! Come as early as 5PM so that you can pick the best spots on the Green Roof, and end your day off with fireworks overhead!


The Green Bazaar, open from 12PM to 6PM, is where you will find a Sustainable Marketplace, Singapore Really Really Free Market, Upcycling Workshops, and NEA Eco Games.

Head over to the Sustainable Marketplace at the Central Courtyard to explore a variety of products that will inspire you to adopt more sustainable behaviours and purchasing habits.

Singapore Really Really Free Market opens from 2PM. Discover a wide range of items, including clothing, books, and so much more that you can bring home for free!

Participate in four different Upcycling Workshops at the Central Courtyard from 2PM – 6PM and learn how to creatively transform disused items into practical and innovative creations:

  • Upcycled Otter Keychain
  • Upcycled Banner Name Card Case
  • Upcycled Fabric Yarn Multi Holder
  • Upcycled Waste Cup Speaker

Finally, you can also have fun while learning about sustainability through a selection of distinct games from 12PM – 6PM!


Join ‘Eco Jalan’, our sustainable adventure trail based on the Singapore Green Plan 2030: Resilient Future!

This popular adventure trail is only open from 12PM – 6PM so sign up early to reserve your spot. Go to https://bit.ly/EcoJalan now!

Eco Jalan includes:

  • Gallery Tour

Explore the Sustainable Singapore Gallery to discover ways to develop Singapore into a livable and sustainable city!

  • Eco Quest 

Discover effective strategies to tackle rising sea levels and the urban heat island effect through these activities:

  • Beat The Heat
  • Resilient Solver
  • Rising Waters
  • Upcycled Bottle Cap Keychain
  • Eco-Fun Workshops

Participate in our engaging Eco-Fun Workshops from 12PM – 6PM, and gain valuable insights into how we can enhance our food resilience through upcycling!

To find out more about the National Day Celebrations @ Marina Barrage, visit https://bit.ly/NDP_9Aug2023

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